How to Move Bulky Items in Johor Bahru

While Johor Bahru has long been a popular tourist hotspot due to its location as an international gateway at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the city is beginning to attract more long-term residents, both from other parts of Malaysia and Singapore. For Singaporeans, the cost of living is often much cheaper in JB, while many Malaysian incomers are fleeing the smog, congestion and rising prices in Kuala Lumpur. Also, JB has the advantage of being only a three-hour drive from KL for expats with healthy pay contracts who work in the city, have subsidised inner-city rentals then commute home to the family on weekends. It’s these reasons that movers in Johor Bahru have had to step up their business operations. 

These advantages have made JB the second fastest-growing city in Malaysia, with the influx of residents helping to boost local economy. Many new developments are in the works, creating an increase in jobs and infrastructure in the capital of the Johorean state. As more people are attracted to the lower cost of living, with all the trimmings of an authentic Malaysian experience, such as food, entertainment and theme parks, there is still way less traffic congestion than KL and some jaw-dropping tourist attractions as well. For these reasons, it pays to contact an Allied mover in Johor Bahru soon to beat the rush.

Moving household goods 

Household moves entail the transportation of a number of heavy and awkward-sized items, including wardrobes, chests of drawers, desks and often expensive IT and entertainment equipment. With many modern households having a lot of technology, a mover in Johor Bahru must be ready to cope with a wide range of fragile belongings.

Bulky items will be inventoried from the start of the moving process, with the help of a move coordinator. An exact assessment of what is involved in a relocation allows both the service provider and the customer time to calculate correctly what they need on the day of the move. Careful pre-packing means that large items can be placed on trucks first, and their weight distributed correctly for safe transit.

Using storage as a solution

Large pieces of furniture and whitegoods take up a lot of space, both in the removals truck and at their final destination. For this reason, many customers use the option of storage for the larger unessential items until they’ve settled in and moved furniture around, so there is space for the other pieces. Our reliable movers in Johor Bahru provide safe, environmentally controlled storage facilities for as long as necessary.

Items placed in storage can still be easily accessed, and you can check on your belongings via a remote tracking device. If you decide you like the extra space in your new home or you don’t really need the items after all, you can choose to sell or donate any leftover furniture, making a fresh start in your new home.

Allied Malaysia maintains a fleet of vehicles capable of transporting the largest of items safely to, from and within Johor Bahru, plus a team of expert packers and movers to ensure all items reach their destination safely. Contact our team on +60 3-6253 6553 to discuss your needs.