Top 5 Packing Tips from Malaysia's Award-Winning Movers & Packers

top 5 packing tips  

How many of you hesitate at the thought of moving home or relocating your small business premises? Some think the whole idea is tiresome and would rather stay put, while others find it cleansing and relish the thought of a fresh location but don’t know where to start. This is when Malaysia’s best movers and packers can help alleviate many of your worries. 

The packing element of a move is usually the most difficult: knowing which room to pack first, what items to keep, what to throw away or donate, and how to avoid damage to your treasured antiques or family keepsakes. While cut-rate movers often leave the packing for you to complete, it doesn’t have to be that way if you hire the right movers in Malaysia.

You’ll find trusted home and business movers, which will employ the right packing methods to ensure your household items or office equipment arrives safely at your next address.

Here is a list of key packing tips recommended by professional movers in Malaysia, which will help make the moving experience a lot less stressful.

1. Prepare carefully, with plenty of time before moving day 

Moving is a great way to declutter your home. After a thorough investigation, sort items into rubbish, donation or sales if you think you can recoup some of the funds in a garage sale or online second-hand goods site. Saving space helps lower the cost of your moving estimate, with less packing materials and time on moving day, and is especially useful if you’re downsizing.

2. Pack to utilise space

The most efficient movers in Malaysia will come to your home ahead of moving day and choose a room to clear first. This will often be a spare room, if one exists, or one that is not regularly used. By making space in one room, items from others can be moved into this room, so you don’t have to live around an obstacles course of boxes in your home.

3. Use the right packing materials

Take the advice from your removalist in Malaysia about which packing materials to use for each item, including how big each box should be, and what it should be made of. Don’t make the mistake of packing too much into one crate, for example, just because it fits. Remember, all crates and boxes need to be stowed safely on a truck then driven on busy city roads, with lots of stops and starts, or on bumpy country roads if you’re moving long-distance.

4. Consider fragile goods

Some people like to take their most treasured possessions with them in their own vehicle, rather than entrust them to movers. This is understandable, but not necessary if you select the right mover. Even if you do choose to transport these items personally, make sure they’re packed correctly.

5. Label everything clearly

Each packing crate and box should be labelled correctly with the items inside and what room it’s intended for. In terms of the move, remember the removalist will need to know which room each box has to go into. If you book a full service, your mover will then carefully unpack your belongings for you in your new home.

The most reliable movers in Malaysia are those that have been servicing the Malaysian community for years. Allied have long been helping people moves home and can provide people with quality advice on all the different aspects of a home move.