5 Reasons For Moving to Malaysia

Thinking of moving overseas? Malaysia is fast becoming a top choice for expats interested in relocating to Asia. Whether you are moving for work overseas or lifestyle reasons, there are plenty of benefits to make Malaysia your new home. As professional movers, we help thousands of expats successfully relocate to Malaysia and love their new country. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should make the move to the heart of Asia.


The cost of living in Malaysia is a huge draw card for those wanting to live a comfortable life for less. You might be surprised that the cost of living is actually around the same as Thailand. If you’re interested in buying property, you’ll be happy to note that real estate prices are some of the cheapest throughout Asia.

For those who are not looking for such a permanent purchase, though, the cost of rent is also very low. Because of its amazing agriculture, you can pick up fresh and great-quality produce from the shops at a fraction of the cost you would in most other countries around the world.

Owning a car is affordable due to the Malaysian Government subsidising fuel. Along with these basic costs of living, foreign luxury goods are available for a low cost, healthcare is affordable despite the continuing heavy funding pushing its quality to the forefront of international medicine. 


When choosing where to relocate, safety is a huge priority. Fortunately, Malaysia is a stable country and considered safe. Economically, politically and socially the country seems to be on a firm gentle rise, which is no small feat. While crime does occur, low police corruption and the community feel enables Malaysia to be a safe country for Expats. 


While many other countries have a mountain of red tape and hurdles to jump through in order to get a long-term visa, the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) program allows for foreigners to apply online easily for a visa for up to 10 years provided certain financial and medical criteria are met. There is also a positive attitude towards expats with Malaysian communities making concerted effort to welcome the international community. There is a very high fluency in English – not essential, but a comfort to many native and even second-language speakers. 


As the last paragraphs hinted, the Malaysian government has taken many initiatives to make their country attractive to foreigners and generally advance the local quality of life. Another huge advancement is in the nation’s infrastructure, especially transport. Flights locally are short and extremely competitively priced, opening up its immediate neighbours and the rest of Asia to its residents. There is also a very good public transport system available to match that of many western nations.


Modern-day Malaysia has many faces, and foreigners can pick and choose which of these experiences they find most attractive. Kuala Lumpur is a capital of shopping and commerce, with cosmopolitan accommodation and nightlife. Simultaneously the low population density over many areas of the country means you can explore the lush landscape, or even buy a home there. 


Convinced that Malaysia is the right place for you? You make your dream a reality by contacting Allied to discuss your moving requirements. We’ll cater to your budget and specifics to ensure that your move to Malaysia is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Get in touch with the friendly team today and receive a tailored quote!