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Moving from Greensboro to Asheville - Benefits, Cost & How To

Are you considering a move from Greensboro to Asheville, North Carolina? The Tar Heel State comes on top when it comes to quality of life every day. So, as a resident of North Carolina, you are probably already aware of the many advantages of living here, ranging from job opportunities to the rich history. As the largest city in Western North Carolina and the 11th-most populous city in the state, Asheville is a fantastic destination for those looking for new opportunities. It’s no surprise that Asheville has the highest move-in vs. move-out ratio in the United States! So, read on and prepare to move from Greensboro, NC, to Asheville, NC, with our tips and insights.

Benefits of Moving from Greensboro to Asheville

Though Greensboro and Asheville are charming North Carolina cities, Asheville holds its own appeal. With only 170 miles between the two, you’d be surprised by the differences between the two North Carolina cities. While Greensboro and Asheville compete when it comes to natural landscapes and fantastic outdoor activities, arts, affordability, and rich culture and history, there are things you will only find in Asheville. Newcomers are moving to Asheville, NC, to take advantage of its friendly remote working culture. The coworking scene is huge, and professionals can location-hop across the city between Hatchworks Coworking, the Callider in the Callen Center, Mojo Coworking, the Gring AVL, and many others. As you plan your move, consider these benefits:

Natural Beauty and Outdoor RecreationMountains of North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers breathtaking scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities. From hiking the Appalachian Trail to exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway, the natural beauty surrounding Asheville is unmatched.

You’ve got state and national parks all around you and endless possibilities for outdoor sports, whether biking, water sports, or hiking. 

Job Prospects

Asheville, NC, stands as a beacon of employment opportunities, attracting individuals from various career stages. The city's collaborative economy fosters an open-minded atmosphere, ensuring support and resources for all professionals. The Asheville Metro economy, valued at $24 billion, thrives on diverse sectors, with Healthcare, Manufacturing, Leisure & Hospitality, and Professional & Business Services leading the way.

Contributing to the metro area's economic vitality are over 200,000 people and numerous businesses. Six key industries dominate, constituting approximately 80% of the economy. In the Education and Health Services sector, notable institutions like the Buncombe County Board of Education, Veterans Administration Medical Center, A-B Tech, UNC Asheville, and Mission Health employ around 37,800 individuals. Leisure and Hospitality, fueled by 12.5 million annual visitors, contribute significantly, with major employers including the Biltmore and Omni Hotels.

Government employment, encompassing federal, state, and local roles, constitutes 14% of the workforce, with Buncombe County being a prominent employer. The Retail Trade sector thrives with giants like Ingles, Walmart, and Lowe’s, alongside numerous mid-sized and small businesses. Manufacturing, accounting for 11% of employment, features industry leaders such as Eaton Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and New Belgium Brewing Company. 

Professional and Business Services covering diverse fields like accounting and marketing boast substantial employment from companies like Talent Force Employment Staffing and Republic Services. Asheville's job landscape offers a rich tapestry of opportunities, making it an enticing destination for career growth.

Remote Work

Asheville is a dream come true for remote workers, with a variety of coworking spaces available from Focal Point Coworking, Hatchworks Coworking, The Collider in the Callen Center, Mojo Coworking, Grind AVL, the Center for Craft, and WestBase Coworking. Coworking spaces are suited with a fast broadband connection and all the essentials, including fresh food and coffee, networking areas, and desk layouts ranging from solo to meeting spaces. But even those who prefer to work from home are in for a treat as there is excellent connectivity in the majority of neighborhoods, giving you 100% coverage with coaxial cable and up to 97.5% coverage with DSL. 

Arts and Culture Hub

Asheville has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, music venues, and theaters. The city embraces creativity, making it a haven for artists and art enthusiasts alike.
In fact, Asheville has been voted the best destination in the region for live music, being home to music festivals such as the new AVLFest. With venues such as The Orange Peel, the Rabbit Rabbit, and the Grey Eagle Music Hall, residents can attend a live concert anytime they want. 

But that’s not all. You can also explore your own artistic side in Asheville. Its long history of Appalachian crafts and the historic Grovewood Village has inspired many to join craft workshops in the River Arts District. Asheville loves its artists and celebrates them. 

Culinary Delights

With over 50 craft breweries to choose from, Asheville earns its nickname of Beer City. But if beer isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy the savors of the many distilleries.

Foodies also appreciate Asheville's diverse culinary scene. The city boasts farm-to-table eateries, including some award-winning restaurants such as Chai Pani. But Asheville’s vibrant culinary scene wouldn’t be complete without its mobile kitchens. Food trucks serving superior quality food are frequently seen through the city streets. 

Good Healthcare

Mission Health, North Carolina’s sixth-largest health system, is based in Asheville and consistently ranked as one of the best hospital systems across the US. Mission Health runs no less than six hospitals, with its flagship hospitals owning over 800 beds in Asheville. It focuses on over 50 medical specialties, ensuring local residents are cared for no matter what. 

Rich History

Founded in 1784, Asheville, North Carolina, encapsulates a storied history that mirrors the evolution of the American South. Initially settled by European colonizers, Asheville's strategic location in the Blue Ridge Mountains made it a key trade hub. The mid-19th century witnessed a transformation with the arrival of the railroad, propelling economic growth. Noteworthy historical events include hosting the Biltmore Estate, completed in 1895, symbolizing Gilded Age opulence. Asheville's resilience through the Great Depression and subsequent revival in the 20th century as a cultural haven speaks to its adaptability. Today, its historic districts, landmarks, and diverse architecture stand testament to centuries of growth, adversity, and cultural richness.

How to Move from Greensboro to Asheville

Moving can be a complex process, but with Allied Van Lines, you can simplify your relocation. Start planning your move well in advance. You want to create a checklist of everything that needs to happen and when it needs to happen. This will help you stay organized and stick to your timeline. Besides, planning ahead will reduce stress and ensure a smoother transition from

Greensboro to Asheville. 

Even if you are only relocating within the state of North Carolina, it is important to take the logistics of the move seriously, ensuring your belongings can be safely relocated. We often find that DIY movers struggle with lost, damaged, or misplaced items they need to replace after the move. This is why you want to consider partnering with a professional moving company such as Allied Van Lines for your move. Choosing the right moving company is crucial for a successful relocation. 

Cost of Moving from Greensboro to Asheville

Are you planning your budget for the move? Intrastate moving tends to be easier to plan than moving longer distances, but it can still incur a lot of costs if you are not prepared. We always recommend working with a professional to avoid any unexpected issues.

While the average cost of a move from Greensboro to Asheville depends on various factors, including distance and belongings, our clients typically find our services affordable and high value for money.

To get an accurate quote, use our Instaquote tool or contact us for a free estimate.

Most Popular Areas in Asheville, NC

Discover Asheville's diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and history. 

  • Downtown Asheville, the city's vibrant core, preserves its Art Deco buildings and architectural gems, boasting a lively atmosphere with popular restaurants, breweries, boutiques, and museums. 
  • West Asheville, a quirky and beloved neighborhood, offers a mix of excellent dining options along Haywood Road, complemented by historic homes in the residential Malvern Hills community. 
  • The River Arts District, situated between downtown and West Asheville, serves as a creative hub, home to over 200 working artists and the East Coast headquarters of New Belgium Brewing Company. Montford, a National Register Historic District, showcases beautiful Victorian architecture and historic homes.
  • Grove Park, influenced by the famous Grove Park Inn, features curving streets and oversized Tudor and Colonial homes.
  • Lastly, Biltmore Village, rooted in the Biltmore Estate's history, is a tourist-friendly neighborhood with major hotels, a central shopping district, and brewery extensions. Each neighborhood contributes to Asheville's rich cultural tapestry, providing residents and visitors with a variety of experiences.

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