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Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles - Costs, Benefits & How To

Relocating from Las Vegas, NV, to Los Angeles, CA, is as easy as your preparation. Change is never easy - it is a necessity as long as you are living. Nevertheless, there are ways to lessen this burden.

By now, you have already made up your mind or are deliberating about relocating. It could be work or family-related - you could be tired of Sin City’s hot and dry weather. Whatever the reason, your preparedness is essential.

It is best to get down to the nitty-gritty of the move if you are looking to relocate. The intricacies of change can wear you down, increase your anxiety and make you dismissive of the ‘whys’ of the relocation - a fresh start, greener pastures, or chasing prospects.

Here is essential information to help you move - relatively seamlessly- from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Benefits of Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Relatively Little Weather Adjustments

On the books, LA has a Mediterranean climate. The summers are mild to hot and the winters rainy. Although both states are on a hot scale climate, LA is relatively humid because of its proximity to the ocean.

On the other hand, Vegas has a hot desert subtropical climate. Meaning it is hot and dry. One assurance about this move is your weather adjustment is not going to be drastic.

Diverse Landscape

LA geography has more to offer than just the pacific ocean and the long sandy beaches. The city sits between two mountain ranges and a hilly peninsula. It also has rivers, lakes, and expansive deserts - these provide diverse outdoor activities.

Excellent Work-Life Balance

LA is a place to thrive both in work and recreation. The hustle and bustle are not as intense as New York or toned down like Vegas. Vegas has a small, fast-paced section - the area that gives the place its Sin City status. Most of Vegas has residential homes. The city’s low population keeps it toned down as well. In LA, you join the grind with the advantage of enjoying the city’s plethora of activities in the after hours.

Food Diversity

Los Angeles is a food haven because of immigrant communities residing in the area thanks, in part, to Hollywood. From Mexican, Chinese and Japanese cuisines to Korean and Cuban eateries - have a world dining experience without living in the city.

Proximity to LAX Airport

You get to live near the second largest airport in the US, which connects you to the entire world.

How to Move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

The distance between Vegas and LA is about 271 miles by road and 229 miles by air. It takes approximately four hours and some minutes driving when traffic is moving. However, the San Diego Freeway is usually on lock grind traffic. It could take five hours or more to maneuver through this traffic. When you factor in having your house possessions in the mix, your stress levels could blow off the roof. The most relaxed way to relocate is by hiring a moving company.

Advantages of Relocating with a Moving Company

  • Availability of the required means of transportation - a moving company has the right vehicle to move your belongings.
  • Large carrying capacity - A moving company can carry both large and small loads.
  • Top-notch moving equipment - moving companies have gears to handle goods with care reducing damage risks.
  • Transportation is insured - this covers unforeseen events that negatively affect your goods.
  • No manual labor- A moving company has a workforce that handles packing, loading, and delivery.
  • No need to chase legal documentation for transportation - a moving company has all the documentation needed to transport your goods using whichever means of travel.
  • Low relocation costs - contracting a moving company saves you time and money. No need to buy or hire a container, labor, and so forth.

Cost of Moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Relocating costs depend on several factors:

  • The number of goods - the higher the number of belongings, the greater the cost.
  • Moving distance - costs also rise with a mileage increase.
  • Packing and unpacking services - your belongings can be stowed at a price.
  • Presence of fragile goods - you incur extra costs if you have delicate belongings because they are high-risk goods.
  • Period of relocation - Your moving date influences costs.
  • Type of insurance coverage - while the moving company covers part of your insurance, there are different degrees of insurance. The higher the cost, the more coverage you get.
  • Labor complexity - the more risk, time, and labor intensity required, the higher the cost of relocation.

Costs of moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Moving companies ask for a quote with specifications of these factors. At Allied Van Lines, we request the following:

Location Information

You will be required to provide your current physical address and your new address. Allied uses the information to calculate the transportation hours. Services are charged per hour. Therefore, your distance affects the price of relocation.

House Size

Your house dimension helps determine the volume of your load. It informs the time it would take to pack and unpack belongings and the ideal moving truck to carry your belongings. It also sheds insight on time required to stow and unpack.

Moving Date

Your relocation date also determines the cost of transportation. There are peak seasons of relocation - like summer. During such periods when demand outweighs supplies, prices go up.

Contact Information

Allied Van Lines calls all potential customers to give quotations to calculate the cost of moving. The first quotation is free.

If you are moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, get a free quote.

Most Popular Areas in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many pleasant places for residence because of the many geographical features, celebrity culture, entertainment centers, and quality amenities. You get to choose which neighborhood suits your lifestyle.

  • Beverly Hills and Bel Air are famous for their high-end suburbs, exclusive restaurants, Hollywood celebrities, designers, and luxury lifestyles. These places are suitable for someone with pockets to finance living in high-end neighborhoods.
  • Los Angeles also has family-friendly neighborhoods like Pasadena. Aside from its New Year’s Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl Football game, Pasadena is a golden spot for children, with plenty of kid-friendly activities that parents will love.
  • Culver City is another favorite place to reside in Los Angeles for aspiring artists and dreamers. It is home to the former Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Alternatively, you can live in Downtown LA. It is for people who like neighborhoods with a rich history - from buildings with over 100 years to places made familiar in movies.
  • For geography lovers, you will find Atwater Village fascinating with Griffiths Park and Los Angeles River nearby. Beverly Grove is a popular gem. It has the grove as its most breathtaking landmark and is close to Santa Monica beach and the Getty.
  • Echo Park is another ideal location to live in LA, located on the south side of Silver Lake. Echo Park has many social amenities, from bars, restaurants, and cafes, which go through to Sunset Boulevard and Chinatown.

Why Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is a moving company that specializes in relocating households, companies, and resources locally, interstate, and internationally. With over 85 years of relocating goods and resources, you can trust us to handle your move from Vegas to South California stress-free. With Allied Van Line, relocating becomes easy, affordable, and excellent. The change becomes as good as a rest.

We offer quality services with top-notch customer service to make your move as seamless as possible. Our reliable services are customized to suit your needs. We are also proactive in our communication during the move. If you want to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to contact us for reputable and quality services.

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