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Moving from Atlanta to Seattle - Benefits, Cost & How To

Are you planning to move from Atlanta to Seattle? Well, the Emerald City offers the quintessential experience that every American craves. From the beautiful landscapes on the town outskirts to the vibrant economy and the love for coffee, this evergreen city is a true definition of the American dream.

Here's an account of what life is like in Seattle, including the cost of living there permanently.

Moving to Seattle from Atlanta

Benefits of Moving from Atlanta to Seattle

There's a reason Seattle keeps ranking among the top 10 best places to live in the country. The perks of living in this city include:

Outdoor Adventure

While Seattle may seem like a rainy city from the outside, the average annual rainfall is less than in Atlanta. This means there are numerous activities for outdoor lovers throughout the year, but especially during the summer.

Some of the adventures you can find are hiking in nearby parks or bike riding and camping. If you enjoy the water, kite surfing, water skiing, and parasailing are also available.

Unlimited Job Opportunities

Unlike other states where finding a job could take months, Seattle has sea employment opportunities. This is especially true if you're a technology expert since all the big tech brands such as Amazon and Microsoft have headquarters in Seattle.

Furthermore, the annual salary for a job position in Seattle is higher than the national average. So, you're likely to earn more money for a similar position in Seattle than in other parts of the country.

Great Education System

If you're planning to move in with kids, their education is an essential aspect to consider. According to research, Seattle residents are among the most well-read in the country, and the city's love for education is unparalleled.

In addition, the Seattle school system is the largest and among the best countrywide, with three recognized universities.

World-class Coffee and Food

It comes as no surprise that Seattle is a coffee haven since Starbucks, the world's coffee giant, has its headquarters there. On average, coffee shops in almost every corner of the city, including the famous Tully coffee.

However, coffee isn't the only good item in Seattle. Numerous restaurants serve local and foreign delicacies, depending on your taste and preference. Plus, if you love healthy food, you can buy the market produce that comes straight from the farm.

Growing Economy

Seattle is no longer the "shy city," as most Americans would claim. In fact, according to Forbes, Seattle has one of the fastest-growing populations in the country, with 100,000 new people said to arrive in the city after every few years.

So, you'll not be the only new guy in town, plus there are unlimited job opportunities to tap into once you get here. All these contribute to the steady growth of Seattle's economy, and no wonder it's among the most vibrant in the country.

Favorable Weather

Seattle weather is better than New York, Atlanta, Houston, and Boston, all combined despite its reputation of being rainy. And, while winter in Seattle is a bit freezing, the temperatures never go below 50 degrees, even at the worst.

Furthermore, summers in Emerald city are like no other. During the 150 days of summertime, temperatures range from 75-degree which is favorable for outdoor activities.

How to move from Atlanta to Seattle

Considering there is 3,511 km between Atlanta and Seattle, moving may present a few challenges. If you plan on driving the entire journey, it will take you almost two days, while it's 5 hours max by air.

If you're moving with furniture and other household items, a moving company will help make this move as efficient as possible. Besides, planning the logistics alone can be stressful.

Cost of Moving from Atlanta to Seattle

Many factors go into calculating moving costs: the number of belongings being moved, distance, packing and unpacking special items, and much more. So, the best bet to know the actual cost is to fill out the Instaquote above.

You can also talk to any one of our agents and get a price quote.

Cost to Move to Seattle from Atlanta

Most Popular Areas in Seattle

Seattle has 18 districts subdivided into smaller neighborhoods. In total, there are 100 neighborhoods, each offering something different from the others. These are the best places to live in Seattle.

Capitol Hill

This is one of the popular areas to live in Seattle not because it's at the center of the Metropolitan but due to its cultural significance. That's right! Seattleites hail Capitol Hill as the original home of grunge culture.

What's more, this is one of the few places where you'll find clubs and restaurants open till late at night since most Seattleites retire home early. There are different areas to live in Seattle, depending on your budget. These range from low-income houses to affluent apartments.

Being at the heart of the city, Capitol Hill is accessible from almost any other place in Washington. Interesting things here include shopping, visiting volunteer's park, and watching shows at the summertime theatre.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne is quite the opposite of Capitol Hill despite it being a vibrant neighborhood as well. Considered one of Seattle's best suburbs, this place is quieter, with stately homes built around the 1800's perfect for families.

With beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and peaceful parks in the area, residents can enjoy time outdoors. Besides, numerous activities are scheduled throughout the year in Queen Anne, including farmer's market days and theatre shows.


Fremont is Seattle's most diverse neighborhood. This modern area has new apartment complexes suitable for single individuals, while further north hosts family residential homes.

There are a variety of quality schools in the area in case you have kids, and public means are more accessible here than in other parts. Fun activities to engage in with friends and family include visiting Fremont Canal Park or enjoying fair trade treats at Theo Chocolate. Plus, if you want the nightlife, there are performances at Nectar Lounge and Substation.

University District

This district, dubbed "the ave" by students, is among the most affordable areas to live in Seattle. Not only is there affordable housing in the area, but all types of amenities are available too, including bars, restaurants, retailers, and cafés.

The majority of the population living here are students and young working-class citizens. As such, the cost of living is slightly lower.

Columbia City

Columbia city is a small town in Seattle with diverse culture and rich history. While there are apartments in the Rainier area, most homes here are family homes built during historical times.

World-class restaurants and cafés are distributed across the district, serving both local and international delicacies. Besides, Columbia city has a farmers market where fresh farm produce from all over Seattle sells, plus a park where children can play while away from school.

West Seattle

As one of the oldest districts in Seattle, West Seattle is blessed with a myriad of infrastructure fit for the modern generation. The place has multiple parks where children and adults can unwind after a long week or during the holidays.

Education isn't a problem either because there are both public and private schools in the area. In addition, west Seattle is just a boat ride away from the magnificent Vashon Island.

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