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Moving from Atlanta to Phoenix - Benefits, Cost & How To

Want to move from one state to another? This is always a difficult decision to make because it means readjusting your life all over again, but in this case, you don't have to.

This guide of moving from Atlanta to Phoenix reveals all the details about the city in the valley. Inclusive are the benefits of living there, costs associated with moving to Phoenix, and the best neighborhoods to live in.

Moving from Atlanta to Phoenix

Benefits of Moving from Atlanta to Phoenix

Atlanta is one of the few areas where it can be hard to leave once you get used to it. However, going by the recent statistics showing Phoenix is among the top preferred destinations in America, many would prefer the valley over the "big peach" due to the following reasons:

Strong Economy

For a city bordering California, which tends to be slightly expensive, the cost of living in Phoenix is affordable. This is all thanks to the city's robust economy, where some businesses operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Phoenix ranks among the fastest-growing employment areas in terms of job opportunities because of the emerging industrial market. Newcomers in the city can take advantage of the readily available jobs in the tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries.

Furthermore, if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, the conditions favor the growth of small businesses. Plus, Phoenicians are respectful and welcome newcomers with open arms.

Outdoor Escape

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you'll be happy to know Phenix offers a variety of outdoor activities. One of the top agendas is visiting the largest municipal park in America - the South Mountain Park and Preserve. Here, you can enjoy a day of hiking or bike riding through the nature trails scattered throughout the park.

Other exciting activities include fishing, mountain climbing at Camelback Mountain, and even camping. In short, Phoenix is an all-around haven for outdoor activities, especially since the weather favors them.

Favorable Weather

Unlike Atlanta, where the weather can extend to both extremes - hot and cold, the valley has more of a warm tropical climate. As a result, Phoenix is one of the few cities in the country where it's warm 299 days out of 365 in a year.

While at some point the temperatures go up and the heat becomes unbearable, this experience is short-lived, and it doesn't harm the city in any way. On the bright side, favorable weather annually means a chance to try out different outdoor activities that otherwise would be out of reach.

Food and Nightlife

Phoenix restaurants serve a variety of local and international cuisines. The restaurants in the city of the valley range from 2 stars to 4 stars, and they attract some of the best chefs in the country.

For starters, the city has some of the best Mexican food in the region, coupled with some delicious tacos. Plus, the pizzeria, as locals like to call it, is of the best standard in the States, coming in all types, including vegan.

Furthermore, if partying to the wee hours of the night is more your style, then you'll enjoy the different bars and restaurants offering this service. Besides, every weekend, different famous DJs from all over the country perform at various venues in the city.

Central Location

Unlike many other landlocked cities in America, Phoenix is more than access to and from other regions. What's more, most of these destinations are just a few hours away and can be accessed through shorter flights. These include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Denver, an hour away from the valley.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a trip further outside, the Sky Harbor International Airport has direct flights to almost anywhere worldwide. So, there's no commuting once you fly out and back in since you'll already be home.

How To Move from Atlanta to Phoenix

Planning a long-distance move like this one from Atlanta to Phoenix can be problematic. This 1,845mile distance takes 27 hours to travel by road, excluding the stops you make along the way. Furthermore, the road to and from these two destinations is constantly busy and congested.

Before planning your move, it's always good to account for every component of your move. For example, ask yourself, what season are you moving? Is it the peak or low season, which is more favorable? In the end, a professional moving company is essential to your goal of moving safely with minimal disruptions.

Cost of Moving from Atlanta to Phoenix

Interstate moves can be pretty expensive, depending on the distance you intend to cover. Going by the average, moving from Atlanta to Phoenix averages at $3,029.63.

The price will also vary depending on the moving services procured. Obviously, many factors go into calculating moving costs. One is the number of belongings being moved, distance, packing and unpacking, special items, and so much more. So, the best bet to know the actual cost is to fill the Instaquote above. You could also call one of the company agents who may give you price estimates.

Costs of moving from Atlanta to Phoenix

Most Popular Areas in Phoenix

Phoenix has been one of the leading destinations in America for non-natives. A significant population of the city is people from other states and even countries. This makes it one of the most diverse areas with affluent neighborhoods, including:

Downtown Scottsdale

This is among the most vibrant neighborhoods in Phoenix that people refer to as a "city" within a City. But, for real, you'll find everything here, from shopping centers with high-end stores selling quality clothes and shoes to relaxing joints, including bars and eateries.

The best part about living in Downtown Scottsdale is the affordable residential houses sitting next to commercial and retail offices. This way, you won't have to commute long distances to work, especially if self-employed.

The majority of the inhabitants here are young, and so the place is usually active.

Paradise Valley

One of the affluent neighborhoods in Phoenix is Paradise Valley. Just as the name suggests, this community is situated on the slopes of the Phoenix valley and offers one of the best views in the region.

Referred to by some as the "Beverly Hills" of the southwest, the area mostly comprises rural luxury homes with plenty of space suitable for retirees. On top of this, there are magnificent boutique shops and restaurants all around Paradise Valley, as well as 10 resorts and spas for relaxing. The icing on the cake is the three golf courses available in the area.

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix, also known as the heart of the city, offers the quintessential experience of America. This neighborhood has it all, whether it's shopping in boutiques or retail stores, enjoying time out at restaurants, or a night out with friends at the local bar.

There are numerous other options for outdoor lovers in this part of the city. For starters, there's the Phoenix art Museum, where precious artifacts are stored. Second is the art galleries throughout the town and the commercial theatre to catch a show or two.

The structural design of the place encompasses both smaller buildings and high-rise apartments, making it favorable for everyone.

Why Allied Van Lines?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional mover and, more specifically, Allied Van Lines. One of the main ones is reliability. No matter where you live in Atlanta, we will get to you quickly and assist with your moving needs. Two is the company's flexibility that allows you to schedule moves even at the last minute, of course, at an extra fee.

Lastly is the peace of mind after knowing your items are in safe hands, and they will reach Phoenix in one piece. The team will take care of all the loading and unloading as well as packing and unpacking needed.

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