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Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles - Benefits, Cost & How To

Atlanta is a great city to live in, but when you have mastered the basics and gained the experience you need to deal with bigger fishes, it's time to head down to the coast, to Los Angeles. LA is cosmopolitan, a city of diverse culture, great food, and an amazing music scene.

Located between the mountains and the coastline, LA weather is perfect for surfing, visiting the parks, hiking the mountains, or just walking around, all year long. The winter is mild with some sun, and you do not need to bulk up with clothing to keep warm. It is no wonder more than 12 million people live here.

Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles

Benefits of Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles

There are many things to look forward to when you move to Los Angeles. They include the following:

  1. The Entertainment Industry
  2. Hollywood makes LA a major draw for anyone who dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Many aspiring screenwriters, actors, and videographers live in the outskirts of Burbank and Hollywood, hoping that proximity can increase their chances of establishing their careers in the heart of the industry.

    Even more than acting jobs in TV and movies, it's easier to get in touch with high-profile influencers, YouTube content creators, and streamers who constantly flock to LA. They often meet to build their community and learn from each other. Interacting with these people could help you grow your digital career or open you up to new ideas.

  3. Inclusive Culture
  4. The diverse, inclusive LA culture is one of the top reasons many Americans move here. Diversity has been one of the building blocks of the city, seeing that its first settlers were from Spanish, African and Indian backgrounds. Since then, LA has continued to be the meeting point for persons of different cultures, making the city vibrant, especially in its range of cultural cuisines.

    Even if you had no interest in the acting industry, you could sell your home-cooked cultural foods to the array of actors and business executives living in LA.

  5. Technology Hub
  6. Los Angeles is a flourishing hub for innovative technology companies, from which it gets the name "Silicon Beach." Examples of tech firms that have set up shop here include YouTube, Facebook, AECOM, Snap Inc., Blavity, SpaceX, Hulu, and Disney Interactive. These major tech firms are a significant pull factor for executives, engineers, technicians, and other technology workers.

  7. Pleasant Weather
  8. Atlanta has the nickname 'Hotlanta,' partly because the weather there is hot and very humid. In contrast, LA has great weather with mild temperatures all year round. Despite being close to the ocean, humidity is a non-factor due to the cool breeze from the San Gabriel Mountains. The result is a constantly pleasant climate that residents enjoy all year long.

  9. Rich Nightlife
  10. The nightlife is another pull factor for many people in LA, especially the youth. There is an abundance of nightclubs in the city; you could find one on every street. The clubs are primarily built to cater to the tourists visiting, although residents enjoy them too.

    If you wish to start a business in LA, try to make it tourist-oriented to tap the rich tourist market.

How To Move from Atlanta to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is 2,175 miles, a 32-hour drive, from Atlanta. You would be moving across several states, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, to get there. While you could hire a truck and move your belongings yourself, the long drive may be incredibly stressful for you and your family, especially if you have small children.

The best way to make this interstate move is to hire a long-distance moving company like Allied Van Lines movers. We have years of experience, knowledge, and resources to help clients make cross-country moves. Allied Van Lines is registered under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and has a DOT license to ensure that your belongings are safe and handled with the best care.

Once your load is in the moving trucks, you may choose to make a road trip out of the move and drive yourself or travel by bus. You could also take a train from Atlanta to Birmingham or Longview and a bus to Los Angeles. A third option is to take a direct flight to Los Angeles.

Whichever means you choose, or a combination of them, ensure that you are at the agreed destination to receive your belongings when the moving trucks arrive.

Cost of Moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles

The average cost of a move from Atlanta to Los Angeles is $2,771.22. Understandably, this figure is likely to change because many other factors go into calculating the moving costs, including the weight of the load being moved, any packing or unpacking, distance traveled, special items included, and others. So, the best way to get the exact cost of your move is to enter your moving details in the Instaquote above.

Costs of moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles

Most Popular Areas in Los Angeles

Once you move to Los Angeles, here are some of the best places to live:

  1. Downtown LA
  2. Downtown LA is still a nice place to live, despite having many homeless people, a relatively high crime rate, and drug issues. Things have been taking a turn for the better, and many people now live there.

    The majority of the residents in Downtown LA rent, not own apartments and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,823. Although the rent is arguably high, if you're working there, the convenience of getting to your workplace easier makes up for the high rent prices.

    Downtown LA offers a variety of cuisines and drinks, museums, art shows, operas, orchestras, and other fun activities. You could even visit the breweries in the area.

  3. Hollywood
  4. Hollywood is not only a place where celebrities live; anyone can live there so long as they can afford a house or pay the rent here. Popular locations include North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Central Hollywood, Bel Air, and South Hollywood. Each of these areas is packed with tourists, celebrities, and people living lavishly.

    As you see it in the movies, there are many fun things to do in Hollywood. It has a lively nightlife, many high-end stores for retail therapy, and restaurants with some of the best foods and drinks.

    The average price for a home in Hollywood is $1,043,547 and the median apartment rent is $2,300 per month.

  5. Glendale
  6. Neighboring Hollywood on the north side is Glendale. It is listed as one of the best places to live and is only 30 minutes from downtown LA, ideal for persons who don't mind a bit of a commute.

    Glendale is among the safest places in LA and is recognized among the safest cities in all of America. You would also love Glendale's sense of community. Although the majority of the people are Armenian, anyone can fit in very well.

    There are several recreation facilities in Glendale, including the LA Zoo, Travel Town, the Norton Simon Museum, and the hiking trails on the sides of the San Gabriel Mountains.

    The average home price in Glendale is $1,091,893 and the real estate market here is said to be 'very hot.' The median rental rate for apartments is $2,618, and with the recent construction of new apartment buildings, it should be easy to find housing.

  7. Silver Lake
  8. Located on the eastside of LA is Silver Lake. It is packed with arguably the most fun spots in greater LA. There are many popular restaurants, bars, wine shops, and art galleries. If your idea of a great evening involves coffee, cocktails, and restaurant dining, then this is the place for you.

    Still, it's not easy to find parking in Silver Lake, but you really might not need to drive because nearly everything you need is just a short walk away. The median price of a home in Salt Lake is $1,401,557, and the median apartment rent rate is $2,345 per month.

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