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Moving From Gilbert to Sacramento

Making a move from dry and sunny Arizona to still sunny, but far wetter California can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Even though the states sit side by side, there are plenty of differences between them, and there are even more differences between the towns of Gilbert, AZ and Sacramento, CA. 


Moving to Sacramento from Gilbert 


If you're planning on making a move, then keep reading to gain some insight into the city of Sacramento, learn about the costs of moving from city to city, and find out how to make the journey a simple and pleasant one when the time comes. 


Benefits of Moving from Gilbert to Sacramento

Although Gilbert is a reasonably large town and a part of the even larger Phoenix Metropolitan area, moving to Sacramento will still mean a move to a larger city. Sacramento has a little more than double the population of Gilbert, but with that comes more to do and see as well. 


Neighborhood Options

Sacramento is a mid-sized city by California standards with about 500,000 people within the city limits and an additional million or so in the surrounding suburbs. The city offers a diverse array of neighborhoods to meet any need or personality type, which means you're likely to find the right place to live either within the city limits or within the metro area. Some neighborhoods you'll find are as follows: 


  • This upscale neighborhood is home to beautiful McKinley Park, a 32-acre green space that attracts all kinds of outdoor activities. It's also the pricier part of the city, and as such, tends to call out to doctors, lawyers, and business owners more than other crowds. 
  • This highly walkable area in the city center is home to an eclectic mix of humans and housing situations. You'll find single-family homes, apartment complexes, apartments over businesses, and more. It's got a more youthful vibe and tends to be a collective of artists, young professionals, and even some students. 
  • Homes in this area are hard to come by because they tend to end up with the next generation of family versus being bought and sold traditionally. The neighborhood came together in the 1950s, and the traditional ranch homes of that time are everywhere. This area is incredibly close to the state capital, which makes it incredibly desirable if you're lucky enough to snatch up a home. 
  • Located just east of downtown, College Greens is home to Sacramento State University. It offers larger yards and homes for less money than other neighborhoods in the city, and it's relatively safe. College Greens is a better area for families to settle down, although you will encounter plenty of college kids in this neighborhood as well, for obvious reasons.


Changing Seasons

Moving from Gilbert, you'll likely get excited to see that the seasons do change, however mildly, in Sacramento. Although the summers can be just as hot and dry as Gilbert, with temperatures above 100 fairly often, the Spring and Fall seasons bring cooler temperatures and changing leaves to the area. Winters even get chilly, although there is rarely snowfall in Sacramento. 


It's not as humid in Sacramento as other parts of California because it's an inland city, which is a benefit to those moving from Arizona since dry heat is what they are used to. You can take a color tour in the Fall in the Sacramento area and go apple picking nearby. It's the quintessential fall experience, but in California, that's a rarity, and it could be a fun change for you. 


Cost of Living vs. Salary

Moving from the Phoenix area to Sacramento could mean positive changes for your disposable income. On average, people who move to Sacramento from the Phoenix metro area see only a .1% increase in the cost of living but receive a 9.1% increase in salary, according to That's a significant bonus for many reasons. 


To illustrate that change, let's look at a person who makes $60,000 in Phoenix. If that same person moves to Sacramento and works a similar job for a similar company, then they would make about $65,450 per year. An extra $5000 doesn't look like a lot on paper, but when you consider all that you could do with an additional $400+ per month, it's a pretty big deal. 


Outdoor Activities

Although most people think of the Pacific Ocean when they think of California, Sacramento is one of the few cities where freshwater lakes and rivers abound instead. The Sacramento River runs through the town and is a great place to enjoy summers with family and friends for little to no money. 


You can also spend time on nearby Folsom Lake if you want to go boating or participate in water sports. The lake is only 25 miles East of Sacramento, which makes it a favorite spot for locals to cool down in the very warm summer months. 


If you're still not satisfied with your outdoor options, you can check out American River Parkway. This beautiful stretch of land is known as the "jewel of Sacramento" and is home to a variety of different parks, more than a dozen in total. You can boat, fish, hike, raft, and play in the parkway. It's great for the whole family. 


Historical Sites

Since Sacramento is the state capital, there are plenty of historical sites, museums, and more to discover. Sacramento was the epicenter of the California Gold Rush after settlers found gold there in 1848. That part of history has had a significant impact on America for over 150 years, and it is both exciting and vital. 


Visit Sutter's Fort to get a glimpse of pre-Gold Rush life and learn about the changes that the Gold Rush caused in the area. If you're looking for an even more interactive experience, then just wait for Labor Day weekend when performers act out Old Sacramento. You can even pan for "fool's gold" during the "Gold Rush Days" celebration.


Sacramento is also home to the world's oldest triathlon. Eppie's Great Race is one of the longest-running no-swim triathlons. Instead of the swimming portion, participants kayak one-third of the race in addition to the running and biking portions. 


Close to Everything

Sacramento is only a couple of hours from wine country in one direction and the ocean in another. It's ideally located for weekend getaways of all sorts. Within just a few hours, you can visit Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, San Francisco, or the Muir Woods National Monument.


Cost of Moving from Gilbert to Sacramento 

The average cost of moving from Gilbert, AZ to Sacramento, CA, is $3,441.27. 


This cost depends on a few different pieces of information. How much you plan to bring, as well as whether you need things professionally packed or you'll be packing up your own belongings, and if you have any specialty items to carefully ship, will make a difference. Your best bet to get an accurate estimate of your moving costs is to fill out the Instaquote available above. 


 Cost of moving from Gilbert to Sacramento


How to Move From Gilbert to Sacramento 

There are plenty of options for moving services to help you make your journey from Arizona to California, but not all are created equal. You need a service that has experience in long-distancemoves. Allied has been providing high-quality moving services of all lengths for over 90 years. 


We have professionals to fit all of your moving needs. If you have specialty items that require specific care during your move, you can trust us to keep them safe. If you need help packing belongings or wrapping up furniture, then we are here for you. Allied has what it takes to get you where you're going from complex moving needs to simple loading and delivery.

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