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Job Relocation

Have you ever moved to a new city because of a job -- whether it was a new position or location with your existing company or an entirely new job? Most of us have not, as it turns out. We surveyed 3,500 respondents about job relocation to find out who has relocated, why they relocated, demographics of those who have moved because of a job, and other interesting stats and facts.

Moving the White House

As expected of any Presidential transition, citizens across the U.S. have had their attention fixed on the leader of the free world’s successor, but how many have considered what it must be like for the President of the United States to go through the tedious task of residential relocation like the rest of us?


Celebrities on the Move

From musicians to moguls, high-profile celebrities tend to have one thing in common—they proudly taut real estate track records that are the envy of the working world (and beyond!) You can find our overview of some of the craziest and most noteworthy celebrity home transitions, broken down from point A to point B, along with snippets of paparazzi-dodging and more, which range from extra-weird to straight up secret agent.


Allied's 2015 Magnet State Report

Continuing its dominance for the past 11 years, Texas once again tops the Allied Van Lines Magnet States Report.

Allied’s report, which uses internal data to track U.S. migration patterns, marked Texas’ net relocation gain of 2,558 families in 2015.  This net gain is calculated by the difference between inbound moves and outbound moves performed by Allied Van Lines, one of the world’s largest moving companies. 


2014 Allied Magnet States Report

Are you getting ready to move? See what states are the most popular.  Texas has been the top state to move to for the last decade and in this past year gained 1,973 new households.


Moving Horror Stories

Are you getting ready to move? Due diligence goes along way. Be sure to do your research and look into several moving companies before making your final decision or you could end up dealing with one or more of the following terrifying tales when you don’t hire the right movers.


17 Facts about moving

Getting ready for a move? Check Out the Facts in our Inphographic