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Moving Containers - Compare us to PODS®

Moving but don’t need a huge truck at your place? Then use Allied Express – a portable storage container-like option that offers an alternative move solution compared to metal move containers like PODS®, Pack-Rat® and a U-Pack ReloCube®

Allied Express is a full-service solution where we do all the heavy lifting.  At our moving company, you get a professional two to four member crew of our expert movers to load up your belongings at your current home and unload at your new home OR we’ll load you up and store your belongings if you have temporary housing in your new city or just need temporary storage.

Here are PODS® main competitors:

  • Allied Express
  • Pack-Rat®
  • U-Pack ReloCube®

Allied Express 2 Benefits

How Does it Work?

Allied has a tried and true process for local and long distance moves, and it begins with a free estimate with a guaranteed price. Here is what you can expect with Allied Express service:
  • Obtain a free estimate with a guaranteed price: Allied will get the details about your move and identify any additional professional services you may need.  Based on your needs, our experts will provide you with a GUARANTEED PRICE of your moving costs along with your scheduled load and unload dates.  And if we’re late, we’ll pay you a delay penalty of $75 for each day we’re late*. 
  • Choose Allied.  Once you have decided that Allied is the right choice for your move, contact your sales representative so that we can assign dates for pick-up and delivery of your belongings.
  • Before Moving Day:  An Allied representative will contact you to provide you with a time window for our movers’ arrival the day prior to loading your belongings.
  • Moving Day: Allied’s professional crew will arrive to load your belongings and take an inventory of your belongings.  Your items will be transported to the Allied agent in your new city and held in secure storage until your delivery date arrives.
  • Delivery Day: When you book an Allied Express move, our representative will give you a delivery window. On the day before your scheduled delivery, an Allied representative will call to remind you that your crew is scheduled for delivery the next day.

Why Express?

Why not Express is the question …but here are just some of the benefits of Allied Express service:

  • Guaranteed delivery date (or we’ll pay you $75 each day we’re late)*
  • Full-service option – Unlike some other pack yourself moving container companies, choose who does the packing and unpacking to make your move go the way you want it to.
  • No heavy lifting – don’t scramble to find family or friends to help you move because we’ll do everything for you.
  • Accurate, guaranteed price – take the guesswork out of how many shipping containers you’ll need to pay for so you can budget your move accordingly.
  • One point of contact – you get your own Move Representative to help with all the move logistics.
  • Storage options.
  • Shipping services include being transported on a professional and secure trailer.

Move Me Express!

Allied Express can get your belongings to where they need to be – with guaranteed on-time delivery!  We’ve been in the business of professionally moving people’s belongings for over 85 years.  So let us make your move fast, easy and stress-free. Call Allied at 1-855-556-3449 or fill out the online quote form today.

Allied Van Lines: Tailored Solutions for Customer Satisfaction

Understanding that every move is unique and everyone has their own questions and needs, we are providing additional details about our moving containers to uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  1. Container Size Options: Allied Van Lines offers a variety of container size options to suit the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re moving a few household items or an entire home, we have the right container options to accommodate your belongings securely.
  2. Portable Storage Units: Our portable storage units are a convenient solution for those in need of temporary storage. You can keep your belongings in our secure facilities for as long as you need, ensuring flexibility during your move.
  3. Storage Facilities: We pride ourselves on maintaining secure facilities equipped with advanced security systems. Your items are safe with us, whether stored for a few business days or an extended period.
  4. Container Options: In the container industry, we stand out for our variety and quality. Our containers are designed to protect your belongings from damage during transit and storage time.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re dedicated to addressing your concerns, providing timely container delivery, and ensuring a smooth moving experience.
  6. Container Delivery: Our container company guarantees prompt delivery to your new home or our storage facilities. We adhere to strict schedules and communicate delivery windows well in advance.
  7. Additional Information: For any further queries or specific needs, please contact our customer service team. We’re here to assist you and make your move as stress-free as possible.

We hope this additional information provides more transparency around our moving containers and demonstrates our commitment to providing a reliable and customer-centric moving service. Thank you for considering Allied Van Lines for your moving needs!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens if I Can’t Fill an Entire Allied Express Container?

Although the Allied Express moving containers are typically smaller than a full moving van, many people find they don’t have enough belongings to fill the entire container. This can seem dangerous, leaving empty room for boxes and furniture to slide around during transport.

However, our steel containers are designed to allow any belongings to be placed without cause for concern. If you don’t have enough to fill the container, your moving team will take advantage of eyehooks and built-in features that allow them to tie down and secure the load. This reduces the chances of slipping, sliding, or breakage without forcing you to unload or reassess your options.

Are the Allied Express Containers Ever Turned on Their Side During Transport or Loading?

Shipping and moving containers are transported specifically to reduce the chances of anything being damaged inside. This includes loading them onto shipping trucks, taking them off, and moving them where they need to go.

Because the goal is always to get your belongings without the hassle and damage, we take good care to keep the containers upright throughout every stage of the moving process. While there is always a chance a container could fall on its side (due to an emergency like a vehicle accident or natural disaster), this is incredibly rare.


* If Allied Express fails to deliver your shipment on or before the agreed delivery date, or the last day of the agreed upon delivery period specified on the Bill of Lading, Allied Express shall pay a delay penalty equal to $75 for each day the shipment is late, up to a maximum of 100% of the line-haul transportation charge and subject to the terms and conditions.

DISCLAIMER:PODS ® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc. PACK RAT ® is a registered trademark for Pack-Rat Portable Mini Storage LLC. U-PACK Relocube® is a registered trademark for ABF Freight Systems, Inc.