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How AI Can Enhance Your Corporate Relocation Program

by Ricardo Ramos on Jul 10, 2023

Generative AI has exploded in popularity and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. This technology is able to search and analyze mass amounts of data, identifying patterns within existing data to generate new, original content. 

Rather than fearing how these tools will impact the workplace, organizations should embrace how new technology can help employees be more efficient and productive. In a recent survey by KPMG, 72% of respondents said that generative AI can enhance productivity in the workplace. Companies can take advantage of AI tools to support and advance their current business practices, streamline processes and improve decision-making. 

Here are a few ways AI can be used to enhance your corporate relocation program.

Increase Efficiency with Automations

KPMG’s human capital advisor, Felicia Lyon, says that automating tactical tasks with generative AI will, “free up [employees] to help businesses make better informed decisions” rather than spending so much of their time on simple but tedious tasks. 

There are a lot of logistics involved in a corporate relocation. From determining a budget and calculating reimbursements to validating receipts and generating reports, the team managing the relocation spends a lot of time crunching numbers and completing data entry. A huge benefit of AI-powered tools is their ability to automate these manual expense management tasks, giving employees more time to focus on strategic, analytical work that boosts the company.

Free Up HR’s Time with Virtual Assistants

Natural language processing tools, like chatbots, have been around for several years, but the advancement of AI has made these bots an extremely useful tool to streamline processes and manage simple transactions. A report by Com100 found that chatbots are now capable of handling full conversations about 70% of the time, and Userlike recently shared that 68% of users enjoy the convenience and quick response time that comes with using chatbots. 

AI chatbots and virtual assistants can be used to provide relocating employees with support throughout the relocation process, answering common questions, ensuring they’re familiar with relocation policies and expected timelines and offering advice for different stages of the process. By directing employees to these resources, you can free up some of the HR team’s time spent on relocation communications and ensure the relocating employee is taken care of every step of the way.

Improve Data-Driven Forecasting

Planning ahead as a procurement team has become more complicated since the onset of the global pandemic, creating major supply chain disruptions and a teetering economical situation. AI has the ability to process mass amounts of data at once and deliver fairly accurate projections so procurement teams are able to make the safest, most effective purchasing decisions for their company. 

To better plan ahead for relocations, procurement teams can use AI algorithms to analyze historical data, market trends and business projections and produce demand forecasts for relocation-related services.

Generative AI can also assist in evaluating the performance of moving service providers or vendors involved in the household goods move. By analyzing data such as delivery timelines, customer feedback and service quality, AI models can generate performance reports and recommendations for HR teams. This helps in making informed decisions about future partnerships and optimizing the moving process. 

Support Employee Well-being

Generative AI can support employee well-being during the household goods move. It can generate personalized wellness tips, stress management techniques and resources to help employees cope with the challenges of moving. AI-powered chatbots can also provide emotional support and connect employees with HR representatives or counselors when needed.

Use AI Tools Safely

Along with the benefits of using AI, it’s critical that you are also aware of the risks. There are no regulations for these open source tools, meaning there are no legal protections to ensure the privacy and security of your data. Make sure your employees are using AI tools with caution, like not sharing any proprietary info with the tools (we don’t know what they are collecting and storing). You also need to confirm any information you get from a tool like ChatGPT with a credible source, and ensure you aren’t publishing anything that may violate copyright laws. 

Get the Human Touch with Allied

AI has revolutionized technology, offering remarkable advancements. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that although AI can improve various business processes, such as a corporate relocation program, it should always complement human expertise and consideration. Moving for a new job can be an arduous and tense undertaking, deserving the compassionate and supportive response that only a human can provide.

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