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Unexpected Benefits of Partnering with a Corporate Moving Provider

by Ricardo Ramos on Jun 22, 2023

An employee relocation program can be a major asset to your company, but if you’re not working with a quality corporate moving partner, it may not be reaching its full potential. Partnering with an experienced provider to get the most out of your relocation program offers major benefits for your employees and your organization as a whole, all while being mindful of your bottom line. 

Here are some benefits of working with a corporate moving provider that you may not expect.

Boosting Productivity During a Move

Employee productivity can take a hit during a move. With so many details to sort out, a relocation can take your employees away from their day-to-day responsibilities, leaving them stressed and overwhelmed as they try to manage both. By working with a corporate moving partner, you can take the burden of leading a move off your relocating employees. Teaming up with quality relocation professionals gives your employees the peace of mind that their relocation will be handled in a secure and timely manner so they can spend less time stressing over logistics and more time focusing on their work.

Not only does a corporate moving partner help relocating employees, it also gives your HR team back the time they would have spent managing moves. This allows them to focus on responsibilities that require their HR knowledge and skills by turning relocation over to the moving experts. 

Keeping Your Budget on Track

For procurement teams focused on controlling costs and getting businesses the most bang for their buck, finding ways to increase value while staying on or below budget is imperative. Working with a corporate moving partner, like Allied, protects your budget from:

  • Hidden fees
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Costs associated with potential fraud 

Your corporate moving partner can help you find solutions tailored to your business’ budget and needs. With single-source management, you’ll be able to better control costs and cover all of your relocation needs with just one contract. Beyond that, relocation professionals stay up-to-date with the industry and can help you navigate changes, ensuring your mobility program never misses a beat. 

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Your corporate moving partner is one of the most powerful talent retention and recruitment tools to have in your back pocket. With a solid employee relocation program, supported by your moving partner, you can expand your recruiting radius, giving you greater access to top talent across the country – and world. Potential new hires may be more likely to accept an offer from your company if the burden of managing a relocation – both financially and logistically – will be handled for them. 

For your existing employees, engaging and customizable mobility options can help clear the path for more growth opportunities within the company. Businesses can also encourage retention and fight stagnation by offering unique short-term relocation opportunities to employees seeking change. Ensuring that employees know that they’ll be supported by their company as they grow and evolve in their roles is essential to attracting and keeping top talent. With programs like this, businesses can work to reduce turnover, helping to reduce the manpower and budget spent on replacing employees. 

Managing Relocations with Allied 

Finding the right partner is crucial to building a corporate relocation program that works for you and your employees. Allied has 95 years of experience providing reliable, stress-free relocations with the support of our global network of vendors and agents. As one of the largest single-source providers of relocation services – from logistics and planning to moving and storage – Allied is your one-stop shop for employee relocations all tailored to your unique needs and budget. Learn more.

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