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10 Things You Should Know About Living in Melbourne, Australia

by Allied Van Lines on Apr 17, 2023

Visitors call it Mel-born. Residents call if Mel-buhn. But while people can debate pronunciation, no one disputes its remarkably high standard of living. So high, in fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently named Melbourne one of the most liveable cities in the world. But if you’re not certain whether moving here is the right choice, here are ten things about living in Melbourne, Australia that might convince you.

Residents are Friendly

Melbourne is an open, tolerant, inclusive community that welcomes new arrivals. This cordial attitude extends to almost every aspect of life here. People aren't afraid to approach and joke with strangers on the street, at bars, in restaurants, or on playgrounds ‒ wherever they go to have fun. A chance encounter can often lead to an invitation to an outing the next day. It’s a place where everyone is accepted, regardless of their interests or background. In fact, just last year, an international survey named it the friendliest city in the world.

Incredibly Diverse

Less than half the people living in Melbourne are Australian. The city is an enormous cultural melting pot with people from every country and continent on Earth, including Australia’s indigenous Aborigines. Residents speak over 200 languages and celebrate more than 100 different religions. The largest expat communities include China, India, Great Britain, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Jobs Are Plentiful

Australia has the world’s highest minimum wage ‒ one of the reasons it’s so popular with backpackers looking for odd jobs to fund their travels. But while Melbourne doesn’t lack for waiters, clerks, and cashiers, it’s desperately short on skilled professionals, such as chefs, nurses, teachers, engineers, accountants, mechanics, therapists, electricians, medical officers, construction managers, and software programmers. And with its economy expected to add approximately 6 million new jobs over the next two years, the demand for workers is set to go through the roof, along with their salaries.

Schools are First-Rate

Melbourne is one of the few cities to receive a perfect score for education on the EIU Liveability Survey, once in 2018 and again in 2021. Schools are open to all children, whether they’re native born or not. High quality teachers, a diverse curriculum, and safe environments help students develop the wide range of physical, social, and intellectual skills they need to succeed in modern society.

Melbourne is also home to ten world-class universities, including two (Monash University and the University of Melbourne) ranked among the best in the world. In addition, there are a host of private colleges and internationally recognized vocational training centers, designed to help students excel in their chosen career.

Greenery is Everywhere

Melbourne is a garden city that exists close to nature. The region’s first superintendent, Charles La Trobe, set aside huge swathes of land for parks and greenbelts. Residents live, play, and work amid carefully cultivated trails, pathways, and boulevards lined with eucalyptus, corymbia, plane, and elm trees ‒ one of the largest urban forests in the world, spread out over hundreds of acres of parkland, most within walking distance of the city center. A wider network of woods, rivers, and wildlife sanctuaries extends out into the suburbs, allowing residents to explore Australia's native wetlands and bushlands or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon barbeque with their family.

Beaches are Fantastic

Beach in Australia

Melbourne’s beaches may not be the most famous in Australia, but they’re certainly some of the finest. With plenty of prime spots to swim, sail, and surf, the city’s shoreline is the place to relax and play during summer. Some of its best known attractions include:

  • Brighton Beach. Famous for its colorful bathing boxes, Brighton’s long sandy beaches and calm waters make it a great place for kids and casual swimmers. Anyone looking to build up their strength should head over to the Middle Brighton Baths, a roped off section of seawater that’s ideal for swimming laps. There are also rip holes for fishing, and a dog-friendly section where you can let your pooch run around off leash.


  • St. Kilda Beach. Just a short ride from Melbourne’s business district, St. Kilda is famous for its extensive boardwalk, which is normally teeming with joggers, bikers, skaters, and pedestrians. The white sand and low surf make it an ideal place to sunbathe and swim. Anyone interested in heading further out can rent a paddle board or go kite surfing. The offshore breeze has made it one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in Southern Australia.


  • Williamstown Beach. Also known as Willy Beach, Williamstown is a few miles outside of town, but offers fabulous views of the city center. A quiet spot for swimming and sunbathing, the nearby harbor also makes it a great place to grab a boat and head out onto the open waters.


More adventurous beachgoers can head down the Great Ocean Road and explore the region's famous sandstone cliffs. The windswept beaches are dotted with enormous stone towers, carved out of the landscape by millennia of waves and wind. Widely regarded as the surfing capital of Australia, people come from around the world to ride its gnarly surf.

Coffee Culture is Intense

Few cities love coffee as much as Melbourne. The city’s roasters and baristas take pride in their skills, serving only the best brewed coffee made from the finest beans on Earth. Head to your local cafe and you’ll not only find classic brews, such as flat white, matcha latte, or roasted ristretto shots, but a wide range of experimental flavors as well, such as pour over, siphon, and cold-drip. Get single or blended origin coffee or start your day at a micro-roaster that serves brews made with hints of fruit and caramel.

One of the Safest Cities in the World

Melbourne’s crime rate is so small, it’s almost invisible. The city ranked ninth on the 2021 Safe Cities Index, thanks to its effective and well-funded police force. Violent offenses are almost unheard of. Living in Melbourne, you’re more likely to get sunburned than attacked. 

Event Calendar is Jam-Packed

Life moves fast in Melbourne. Every week there’s something new to do and see. As the cultural capital of Australia, it plays host to some of the biggest events on the continent, such as:

  • Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. One of the oldest motorsports competitions in Australia, held every year at the Albert Park Circuit, just south of Central Melbourne. Watch the excitement as the world’s best drivers burn rubber at 190 miles per hour.


  • Melbourne Cup Carnival. A four day festival featuring the finest horse racing, fashion, entertainment, and dining south of the equator. After an afternoon spent cheering on your favorite thoroughbred, tour the corporate marquees or join the tailgating party in the Members' Car Park.


  • Melbourne Comedy Festival. Laugh until your sides ache at this month-long comedy marathon. Some of the biggest names in comedy from Australia and Europe descend on the city to share their hilarious and irreverent takes on modern life.


  • Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. Celebrate the city’s dynamic restaurant industry with exotic and traditional dishes, prepared by some of the continent’s most talented chefs.


  • Melbourne Writers Festival. Meet cutting-edge writers from around the world at this four-day literary carnival that delves deep into the imaginations of the authors and storytellers shaping our culture.


  • Melbourne Fashion Week. Experience the world’s most creative clothing designers at this immersive runway event, held at stunning venues around the city. Talk to experts, participate in hands-on workshops, and discover groundbreaking collections from both established and emerging brands.


  • Carols by Candlelight. The capstone to Australia’s holiday season, featuring unforgettable performances by international singing sensations and award-winning artists from across the continent.


Fascinating Street Culture

Street in Australia

Half the fun of living in Melbourne is a chance to wander its side streets and back alleys (known as laneways), full of odd, one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, and clubs hidden away from the rest of the city. Browse vintage clothing, listen to curated vinyl records, shop hand-crafted souvenirs, and chow down on innovative twists on classic street food from China, France, Peru, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, and Denmark

Even more famous than the food is the art. Melbourne’s laneways are more than a series of side streets; they’re a canvas. The area’s an ever-changing mural, dedicated to pop culture icons, the indigenous community, and the city’s inventive graffiti culture. The bright colors and out-of-this-world designs draw people back to these neighborhoods over and over again.

Moving to Melbourne, Australia

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