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Mitigating Risks with a Secure Moving Partner

by Ricardo Ramos on Apr 11, 2023

Establishing an employee mobility policy is vital in a competitive talent market, but managing a corporate move in-house can present its own set of risks. With security being a top concern for businesses, overseeing the logistics of talent mobility can become a stressor as procurement teams navigate the program and its potential complications. Working with a reputable corporate moving partner can help you mitigate the risks associated with managing employee moves, keeping your relocation program secure, budget-conscious and running seamlessly.

Cost Risks

Budget is a top priority for procurement professionals, who are tasked with finding the best value when purchasing goods and services for a business. Supporting corporate moves comes with the risk of additional costs, but working with a corporate moving partner can help protect your business from hidden fees, such as long haul or equipment fees, and provide you access to lower and more transparent pricing. Their expertise and existing network of agents allow them to predict costs with greater accuracy and gain discounts, keeping your corporate moving costs consistent and within budget. This also saves your team the time and energy of forging relationships with each supplier yourself, creating a much more streamlined and timely process supported by a fully built-out network.  

Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain interruptions and delays have been a major concern over the past year in every industry. A corporate moving partner can help you avoid disruptions to your relocation program through their established national network of support. With diversified suppliers across the country – and the world – your moving partner has the connections and framework to respond and adjust to any problems that may occur. Corporate moving professionals monitor for potential disruptions and, through their robust network, can remain proactive, ensuring you and your employees enjoy a consistent experience. 

Fraud Risks

Fraud is always a risk when searching for and hiring local suppliers, particularly if you don’t have an extensive process in place to thoroughly vet them. This risk not only puts your bottom line in jeopardy, it also has the potential to put your relocating employees in a tight spot if suppliers don’t complete their job. 

Partnering with a trusted corporate moving partner, like Allied, helps eliminate the risk of fraud and protects you from falling victim to moving scams, like false quotes or hostage loads. Our network of credible, high-quality movers are backed by policies should anything go wrong, adding another layer of risk mitigation.

The Careful Movers

Allied Van Lines’ national network of trustworthy, reputable agents has been providing high-quality corporate moving services for 95 years. As a part of SIRVA BGRS, a global network of service companies, you can draw from our world-class portfolio of moving and relocating resources. Our team prioritizes bringing you secure, budget-friendly relocation solutions – from coverage and logistics to moving and storage. Learn more

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