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ALLIED Launches Moovscout®, A New Technology To Digitalize Its Moving Process Across The Globe

by Ricardo Ramos on Oct 21, 2020

October 21, 2020 (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) – SIRVA Inc., a leading global relocation and moving company, today launched its newest technology, MoovScout, powered by SIRVA Innovation.

ALLIED’s unique worldwide product, MoovScout, is an app that will standardize and digitalize workflow processes in real time for their global moving crews, directly impacting the customer experience. The digitization of the moving process will save time and extra work, resulting in user experience improvement, lesser claims, faster results, and better efficiency throughout the moving process.

MoovScout’s digitalized process renders, archives, and distributes all necessary documentation — print and visual — in a fraction of the time needed for manual processes. Through secure application program interfaces (APIs), the app captures underlying data for immediate use by the moving company, service providers, customers, and clients in real time, when connected.

ALLIED’s MoovScout App at-a-glance:

  • Platform and device agnostic to accommodate a diverse global user base
  • Used by moving companies to digitalize the process
  • Fully functional offline, allowing for work to be completed in remote areas with no Internet connection or where the connection is weak or inconsistent
  • Streamlines and simplifies workflow and inventorying process
  • Allows driver profiles and signatures to be easily configured and applied to all paperwork with the touch of a button
  • Easily captures digital customer signatures
  • Provides easy-access to market-specific rules and validations
  • Automatically translates to any major language

SIRVA Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Oberdorf credits ALLIED’s commitment to enhance our user and customer experience as a key factor in the development of MoovScout. “Since drivers and crews have a great deal to manage when servicing customers during a move, they benefit from an app that is intuitive, streamlines processes, and allows them to focus more fully on the customer,” said Oberdorf. “Because customers all have unique needs, it was critical that the design be flexible and adaptable to a myriad of scenarios, and that it offer functionality that covers virtually every aspect of the moving process – whether it is an international or domestic move.”

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