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Ask Allied: How to pack antique porcelain figurines for moving day?

by Jackie Heath on Sep 22, 2020
If your a collector of porcelain statues and want to keep them protected during your move. These tips will help them from being damaged.

Packing your worldly possessions to move can be stressful, especially packing your antique porcelain figurines. These items can be so fragile that they can easily crack or break in transit. Your porcelain figurines need special attention when you pack them to prevent damage. We have a few tips that can help you mitigate those risks.

First, you'll need the proper packing materials to pack your antiques in. Don't be frugal; spend the money on high-quality materials. You'll need packing tape, a microfiber cloth, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or packing paper and boxes that are slightly larger than each figure. You will also want to purchase larger boxes to pack the individual boxes for the movers to carry.

Next, take an inventory of your collection. Take a picture of each one with your smartphone or tablet. Keeping a record of what each figurine and their condition will help you determine if any damage occurred during the move. After taking an inventory, you can start packing the figures.

Clean each figure, removing any dust with the microfiber cloth. Individually wrap each figure in packing paper from top to bottom. Repeat this step 3-5 times. Next, securely tape the bubble wrap around the figurine. Use a box that is one to two inches bigger than the statute. Fill any gaps between the box and figurine with packing peanuts or paper. Tape the box closed and write the name of the statute and "Fragile" on the side.

Once the figurines are safely in their boxes, you can place them in the larger boxes. Put a layer of packing peanuts in the bottom of the box. Configure the individual boxes leaving a gap big enough for packing peanuts to fill the sides and top of the box. Fill the gaps with the packing peanuts, tape the box closed, and mark the outside with "Fragile."

Decide on wither you will be transporting the boxes or if the movers will be putting them on the truck. Let the agent know when getting a quote that the movers will be handling antiques. Giving them proper notice will allow them to assess where they can place them on the truck to prevent any damage. Ask your agent about the protection coverage in case you need to make a claim.

Taking the time and care to pack these your antique porcelain figurines help take away your anxiety. Allied is here to with all your moving needs, including packing your items. Start here to begin the process of seeing how far we'll go to make sure your move is as stress-free as possible.

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