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Ask Allied How Do I Pack a Flat Screen TV?

by Jackie Heath on Mar 16, 2018

The short answer is, you pack your flat screen TV carefully, because they are fragile Flat tv screenand can be damaged even if the screen doesn’t break. Here are some tips for making sure your flat screen TV (and computer monitors) make it to your new home unscathed.

Remove any attachments, like stands, antennas, cords and cables and pack separately. If you have a lot of cords and cables for other items, make a label for your TV cords and tape it near the connector ends; this will make finding the TV cords much easier when you unpack.

If you saved the original box and Styrofoam, this is your best bet. First, cover the glass on your screen with thin foam wrap or small bubble wrap, to protect it from scratches, dings or chips. Fit it into the shell and tape the two halves together tightly, then slide into the box. Be sure to check that the box is still in good condition, and tape any seams or corners that look worn.

If, like most of us, you didn’t keep the box because you weren’t planning on moving, that’s okay. Your agent and stores that sell moving boxes have adjustable boxes (also called mirror boxes) that can accommodate a variety of TV sizes. Adjust the box to the right dimensions for your TV. Cover the screen with thin foam wrap or small bubble wrap to protect it, then wrap the TV in large bubble wrap. Slide it into the box and tape the box securely. To make unpacking easier, write on the box which side is the screen.

Whether you use the existing box or an adjustable TV box, your goal is to pack the box tightly the TV won’t slide around within the box. You also need to use enough foam or bubble wrap to cushion the TV from vibration, as excessive vibration may cause damage.

This will likely be one of the last items you pack, but if you pack it several days in advance of the move, keep the upright against a wall, and use other boxes or items to prevent it from falling over. Movers will usually slide TV boxes between pieces of furniture, or against the truck wall and another item. If you’re moving it yourself, do not lay it down, and definitely do not set anything on top of it.

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