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Ask Allied: What Happens if I Need to Cancel My Move?

by Jackie Heath on Mar 9, 2018

Sometimes, people do need to cancel moves. Job transfers and offers fall through, Cancel button on a keyboardsales of houses fall through, and family situations arise that make moving impractical. If you have booked a move and your plans change, the first thing to do is decide if this is truly a cancellation or if you’re only postponing the move for a couple of months.

Once you have that clear, call the agent. Let them know that the move you booked won’t happen on that day. If you’re postponing, let them know that you would like to rebook at a later date. Moving is a business, and like any business, your agent is going to appreciate notice in advance, but they also understand that cancellations happen last minute.

You may want to inform the agent in writing as well as by phone. If so, be sure to include any reference numbers on your paperwork, as well as the date of the move and the departure and destination locations. If you want proof that they received the notice, email using the “request receipt” option in your program.

Reputable movers only charge for the costs associated with the move, and payment is made at the time of delivery. If you cancel before the movers begin loading, you should not incur moving costs.

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