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Ask Allied: How Does the Packing Service Work?

by Jackie Heath on Dec 8, 2017

Having your house packed up for you can go a long way to making your move faster,packing boxes simpler and less stressful. A professional crew will come to your house the day before your move and pack everything. They bring all the boxes and materials with them. It’s as simple as that: You identify what to pack, they pack it. What would take you weeks is done for you.

There are some things you can do to make the packing (and unpacking) go more smoothly, however. Sell, donate or dispose of items you don’t want to move before the packing crew arrives so there won’t be any confusion as to what gets packed. Put remotes with their components, and be sure that any other items you want packed with something else are together. Take the time to pack items that will be going with you, including valuables like jewelry and small electronics, and either put them in your vehicle or clearly label them “First Night” so that you can find them in the sea of boxes once the packing is done. Identify any especially fragile items, like clocks, antiques, etc., to your packing crew, so that they can crate them appropriately.

You may want to provide basic instructions, like keeping items from one room together, and how you would like them to label the boxes, so that you have an easier time unpacking in your new home. And it may be helpful if you are there to answer any questions that come up.

If you choose a full service move, your belongings will be unpacked for you and all the boxes removed.  You will still need to put items away most items, and if you didn’t specify what to pack together, you may have a hard time finding things like cords, remotes and parts. Again, it may be helpful to be there to oversee the unpacking, and provide direction on what goes where.

If you’re interested in packing services or a full service move, speak to your local agent. And even if you ultimately decide to do your own packing and unpacking, your agent can still deliver all the boxes and packing materials you need.

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