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Ask Allied: Can You Tow My Car Behind the Moving Truck?

by Jackie Heath on Oct 6, 2017

If you’re flying to your new home, or driving but have more than one car, it makes loading a car trunk with boxes sense to let the movers handle it. Allied will ship your car to your new location, but we do it on a truck. If there’s room and your car will fit inside the truck, we’ll store it there. If not, we’ll provide a separate vehicle.

We have both exposed and covered trucks for vehicle shipping. Shipping vehicles on trucks is safer and more efficient, and can prevent damage to the vehicle from road debris and rough roads. We are also accustomed to handling vintage cars, especially those that are in the restoration process but are not yet drivable.

Moving with a boat, either for the season or permanently? Allied can transport your boat to its new home as well. As with cars, we have both exposed and covered trucks for shipping your boat.

Our vehicle transportation services go beyond moving. If you’ve bought a car or boat out of state and don’t want to travel for pick up, Allied will arrange to transport it for you.

As with all of our additional moving services, we encourage you to discuss your needs with your moving coordinator. They will see that all of your belongings get where they’re going in an efficient and low-stress way.

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