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Ask Allied: What happens if boxes or items get lost during my move?

by Jackie Heath on Jul 7, 2017

Items do occasionally go missing during a move. If you find you’re missing items, youKeep track of boxes during a move will want to file a claim. It’s important to note that items are missing at the time you sign off on your delivery, so there are a few extra steps you should take during the move.

First, it may be a good idea to pack items with high sentimental value or that are irreplaceable in your car. If something is valuable to you because of who gave it to, rather than because of a dollar value, you may feel better keeping it with you than packing it on the truck.

Your mover will do a walk through with you to make sure nothing is left behind in your old home. Take the time to check closets and cupboards, behind doors, and in the garage and basement, before you sign off on the paperwork.

If your movers packed for you, all items should be accounted for on either the inventory or the bill of lading. If you packed yourself, you should number your boxes and keep a master list of what they contain, as well as a total box count. Count the boxes that were delivered to determine if anything is missing, and then refer to your list to determine what’s in it. (The total number of boxes should be included on your bill of lading, regardless of who did the packing.) 

Check the bill of lading for all items before your truck departs with your belongings, and make sure all items are accounted for before signing off on the delivery after the truck is unloaded.

Do not panic. Moving is chaotic, and frequently, small items were misplaced or packed in a different box. Your missing item may have been tucked into a closet or set underneath something. It may be worth a second walk through your house, and a second time counting boxes, before you sign off on the delivery.

If something is missing at the time of delivery, indicate what it is on the paperwork when you sign. Call your moving coordinator and file a claim using our easy online form. The best chance of recovering lost items is if we can institute a search for them immediately, rather than several weeks down the road.

We will process your claim and open an investigation as soon as possible. Our goal is always to recover any missing items, and we’ll have our team retrace their steps and check the warehouse. If the item can’t be found, we will arrange compensation in-line with the type of valuation coverage you chose. 

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