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Ask Allied: What Happens if the Movers Show Up and I Don’t Have Everything Packed?

by Jackie Heath on Mar 10, 2017

It happens even to those families with the best of intentions: you’ve planned andLast Minute Packing prepped and packed for weeks. You have mountains of boxes ready to go to your new home. But no matter many hours you put in, you didn’t manage to get everything boxed up in time for moving day.

The first thing to do is not to panic. Although regrettable, this is a situation that can and does happen. From there, you can follow these steps to ensure that your move is still a positive one.

  1. Call Ahead: If there’s still a few days until your move and you’re way behind on your packing, call your moving agent and let them know how things stand. It may be possible to delay the move by a few days without any additional cost or hassle, giving you ample time to get your packing done. (Note: This tends to be more difficult in the summer than in the winter, as the busy moving season leaves many movers with a tight schedule.)
  2. Bring in Reinforcements: Now is a good time to call on your circle of family and friends to lend a helping hand. Order a couple of pizzas, pick up a case of beverages, and invite everyone you know over to a last-minute packing party. By working together, you can often get all of the last-minute packing done in just a few hours.
  3. Explain the Situation: If you don’t have reinforcements and the moving van has already arrived, explain your situation to the movers. They may have a few hours of leeway in which you can finish your packing. (Note: Although it might seem more reasonable for them to help you pack those last few boxes instead of sitting around and waiting for you to finish, there are legal considerations that prevent them from doing so. Should anyone get injured or damage an item while performing a packing service that isn’t covered by the moving company’s terms, it could result in messy lawsuits for you.)
  4. Pay for the Delay: If you simply cannot finish packing within a short window, you may have to pay a fee for their return at a later date. The cost for rescheduling or cancellation is usually outlined in your moving contract.
  5. Change Your Contract Terms: You may be able to update your contract to include packing services. Although your move will cost more overall this way, the team can usually start taking over for you right away. You’ll even get the option to have your home unpacked when they arrive.

Opting to do the packing yourself and having the moving crew just do the loading and transport is a great way to save money on your move. Unfortunately, it does require quite a bit of extra legwork on your side of things. If you are unsure of your ability to get everything boxed up and ready to go in time, it’s worth looking into packing and unpacking services. With an entire team of movers at your back, you’d be surprised at how quickly things can go!

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