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Top Reasons People Move to New States

by Jackie Heath on Jan 3, 2017
Find out the top reasons people decide to relocate to different states from Allied Van Lines.

Most families will undergo a local move (within the same city) at least a few times inOn the road their lifetimes. Things like buying a house for the first time, moving to a better neighborhood, or downsizing after retirement are common, and they don’t require that you uproot your entire life to a new city or state to do it.

However, there are times when your life will take you over state lines and into an entirely new location. As we start to explore the popular magnet states for 2016, it’s worth taking a look at what causes people to make the move.

  1. New Job: The number one reason people move to new states is for work. Although most people only make an inter-state move when a job is already lined up and secured, this figure also includes people moving in hopes that they’ll find better employment prospects once they arrive. Relocation packages help make this an enticing option, especially when they come with a promotion.
  2. School and/or College: Education is another popular reason why people move across state lines. College students moving away for the first time make up the largest demographic in this category, but it also includes students transferring from one university to another as well as families hoping to move their kids to a better school district.
  3. Retirement: Not everyone moves to Florida or Arizona for retirement, but a large percentage of the aging population does shift to a new locale to enjoy their golden years. Better climate conditions, lower costs of living, and greater access to healthcare all work together to make some states more ideal for retirement.
  4. Access to Amenities: Every state (and city) has something different to offer. Many families choose to take advantage of these amenities by moving closer. Access to healthcare (especially research hospitals) is one big reason why people move to new states, as are things like good schools, more public parks, and better tax rates.
  5. Change of Pace: Of course, not everyone has a solid financial or personal reason for moving to a new state. In many cases, the move has less to do with your needs and more to do with your wants. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, moving to a new state provides a great way to experience a new climate and a new culture.
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