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Ask Allied: How Do You Track Your Moving Trucks?

by Jackie Heath on Dec 16, 2016
Now you can track the path of your Allied moving van and plan more accurately for its arrival. Allied Van Lines will provide information on the progress of your moving van 24/7 through an online portal.

It’s now possible to follow the path of your moving van from the moment it leaves yourTracking your Allied moving truck old home until it arrives at the new. This is great news for you, since you can check in with tracking information on the road. It’s also great news for our team, as we can monitor our trucks’ progress nationally.

Moving Truck Tracking

As soon as your belongings are loaded into the truck and you sign off on the inventory sheet, we start tracking. You will be assigned a six-digit registration number that links to your truck. Using a tracking system that relies on GPS, we’ll keep you apprised of where the truck is on the road. (For safety reasons, we typically don’t share exact location information, but we can tell you where within a city or state the truck is.)

In order to access this info, you just hop online at https://www.allied.com/track-your-shipment. It’s open 24/7 and will tell you the load date, present location, and delivery date. From there, you can make plans for your arrival accordingly. 

Discrepancies and Delays

In some cases, you may notice discrepancies and/or delays in your moving truck’s journey. Most of the time, this has to do with travel conditions and traffic, and isn’t anything to worry about. However, you are always free to contact your moving coordinator if you have concerns above and beyond an average delay.

Because we work with hundreds of movers throughout the country (and internationally), there is a chance that the information isn’t being updated in real time or that there’s a glitch in the system. In these cases, we’ll work with you to track down your shipment and discover the cause. Technology makes it possible for us to find your belongings anywhere in the world, and we’ll do our best to pass that information along when you need it.

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