Why A Professional Singapore Mover Will Provide an Onsite Quote

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The process of moving home or relocating business premises can be complicated, especially in a busy city state like Singapore. Whether moving into, out of, or within the territory, there are a lot of factors to consider, which the average person or amateur removals company might not be aware of. A vital part of this the moving process is knowing exactly what has to be moved, where and when.

Singapore movers with little experience, or those trying to undercut more established firms, may offer terms that do not represent the entire cost of the move, such as hidden fees and overcharging for incorrect estimates. This approach can have serious consequences further down the line, which is why a professional company will offer an onsite quote to reduce the risk of discrepancies later on.

The benefits of a personal move coordinator

Many companies provide instant quotes on their websites, which ask for details of moving locations, dates and a broad list of services required. While this can be helpful for acquiring a basic idea of costs involved, it does not address the details that will ultimately define the cost of your individual move. As every person is unique, so is every household and therefore every move.

In order to achieve a correct moving quote, quality Singapore movers should offer a personal move coordinator. This personalised team member will create a full inventory of every item to be moved, and assess what costs will be incurred when doing so. For example, delicate items require specific types of packing material and stowage, while certain properties involve time restrictions, which may add to the overall cost.

Ensuring potential costs are covered

Once the move coordinator has agreed upon the inventory with you, they can offer more comprehensive services, such as packing your belongings and unpacking at your new address. Not only does this save you a huge amount of time, it allows for your items to be covered by the Singapore removals company’s moving insurance

Some Singapore movers advertise as being insured, but in fact this refers to themselves, rather than the customers’ belongings. In this case, insurance indemnifies their company against costs of any damage.

A professional mover will add insurance into the quote while they are onsite at your property. This saves unnecessary time-wasting, whereby the removalist has to report back to the office in order to produce a quote. 

Reduce delays on moving day

Once the quote has been agreed upon and a contract signed by both parties, the process of moving can then begin as and when the customer requires. This enables the removalist to schedule their own staff and vehicles, and the customer to start their preparations as they see fit. 

In a city as busy as Singapore, a seamless approach to moving your belongings is valuable for reducing stress and creating trust with your mover.

Professional Singapore movers like Allied offer onsite quotes based on years of experience moving belongings around the world.