Packing for a move is a tedious and boring process, not to mention time consuming! If you’re packing in a rush or without the necessary materials and experience, you’ll likely do a sub-standard job. Bad packing is more than a waste of time and materials, it adds another layer of difficulty to your move. It’ll slow your relocation down and could possibly cause inconvenience and damage to your belongings during the moving process. Our Allied Singapore team are professional movers and offer a specialised packing service. We’ll carefully pack your furniture and belongings so that they make it to your new home, safely and securely.

Moving to Singapore brings a wealth of work and lifestyle opportunities. As one of the economic capitals of the world, business, cuisines, and culture combines to make Singapore a top destination. Let Allied make your move to Singapore easy. If life is taking you elsewhere, then we can also assist in helping you move from Singapore to anywhere in the world. Our expansive international moving network means Allied will be there to assist you every step of the way.


As trained packing and moving professionals, we facilitate and perform relocations every single day. We’ll efficiently pack your furniture and belongings so they are ready to be transported by us to your new destination. Not only will we use suitable and industry standard packing materials, but we’ll also ensure to treat your belongings with the utmost care and attention.

Our range of services include:

  • Complete move packing and unpacking

  • Fragile packing for delicate or large items

  • Heavy duty plastics for delicate and soft furnishings

  • Wrapping of furniture items in dust free furniture felt pads

  • Wide range of carton sizes to suit your individual belongings

  • Specialised moving boxes for TVs, artwork, golf clubs and bicycles

  • Custom wrapping for high value items

  • High protection custom made crates for artwork, antiques and pianos

When you choose to move with Allied Singapore, you can rest assured that your valued possessions are going to be carefully handled and protected to the world’s highest standards. You won’t have to worry about scratches or marks caused from moving furniture and boxes. At both your old and new home, we’ll use specialist materials to protect your floors, staircases, doors and other vulnerable areas of your home. 



At Allied Singapore, we cater to your specific moving requirements. Whether you need custom packing for special items or simply a few moving boxes, we’ve got you covered. If you want to pack your own belongings and furniture, we can supply you with the necessary materials and boxes to get the job done. Otherwise, we’ll handle the job using our professional wrapping materials and techniques to efficiently pack your home or office. 


Struggling to find that one item you desperately need but it’s packed in the wrong box? Taking an organised approach is important so you should trust the experts. Our Singapore team is professionally trained in packing so your items and furniture will be packed carefully and methodically. We’ll clearly label your boxes and place them in the right place on arrival to your home, saving you time and stress. 


Our packing material is unique. With three-layer construction, our packing material will protect your precious belongings during the move. The first layer is 'Cellfoam', which has tiny air holes to allow furniture to breathe. This is especially important for items made from wood and other natural materials. The second layer is bubble wrap which cushions items from denting, rubbing and helps to absorb impact. The third layer is a poly woven material. Highly durable, the third layer protects from tear and rubbing. Our materials are wax-free so your delicate and leather products won’t have any marks, indentations or scratches that are commonly caused by other packing materials. 


There’s plenty of reasons to trust ALlied Singapore when it comes to moving and packing, including:

  • A 4.5 star rating from satisfied customers

  • Global coverage with 600 locations across 40 countries

  • Decades of experience

  • ISO9001 accredited 

When it comes to excellent moving services, you can trust Allied Singapore. We’ve built a reputation as Singapore’s trusted moving company over our years of experience. Our reviews and thousands of satisfied customers speak for themselves. We’re also proud to be ISO9001 accredited, which validates that we provide only the highest quality customer and relocation services. 


Do movers and packers pack for you?

There’s no need to stress over packing yourself when you choose Allied. Our professional packers and movers will carefully and efficiently pack your belongings and furniture for you. We’ll ensure everything is securely packed before transporting your items to your new home. 

Do you provide international moving services?

We can assist with your relocation regardless of whether it's down the road or across the globe. Allied International Movers Singapore helps families and individuals move internationally every single day. Find out more about international moving services here.  

Does Allied help unpack my belongings?

Allied offers the full packing service experience. We’ll help you unpack your belongings upon arrival efficiently so you can begin enjoying your new home as soon as possible. 

What can I do if I have something particularly valuable or fragile?

We at Allied ensure to treat every item with care and respect. If you have something that is especially valuable and/or fragile, we can provide specialised packing materials to ensure it makes the journey without damage. We also offer insurance to give you peace of mind in the case of an unlikely accident. 

Do packers and movers pack everything?

Allied is willing to cater to your specific moving requirements. We’ll pack your entire household or office, or just the fragile items. Contact us directly to discuss your personal relocation and packing requirements. 

Receive a quote for our packing services here.