Corporate Office Moving & Packing Services Singapore


Exceptional office moving and storage services to manage the unique needs of your enterprise.

Businesses and corporations around the world turn to Allied when they need to relocate their operations. Allied's expertise in office relocations worldwide has enabled business managers to rely on a fully integrated relocation experience to a host of nations. With streamlined processes, we’ve incorporated integrated planning, project management, communication, personal contact and punctuality for a seamless transition for your company.

We Offer Specialised Office Relocation Services Tailored to Your Needs

Relocating business premises provides a different set of challenges than moving home, although both are likely to be easily as stressful as the other. The logistics of moving office comes with an increased responsibility to staff. The team at Allied understands the intricacies of corporate structure and has worked with thousands of companies to ensure employee needs are well looked after.

Protect Your Assets During Your Relocation

As a business manager, safeguarding your company’s assets is paramount. Moving IT equipment and data storage, as well as paper files takes a certain approach, which the team at Allied has streamlined to include the decommissioning of telecoms and software in a secure manner, either the night before or on moving day.

Our expert packers and movers use the correct materials and techniques to transport all hardware safely and you can rely on all of your systems being ready to reinstate to their previous standards of operation in your new location.

Maintaining Client Privacy

When moving business premises, it’s understandable that you as a manager will worry about your clients’ confidential information. Whether details are securely filed on hard copy or digitally stored, you want to ensure client privacy is not compromised.

Managing Employee Expectations

Office relocations are stressful for everyone concerned. For your employees, not only do they have to worry about their new workplace, they may have school-aged children who will need to attend to new colleagues well as the other criteria that comes with moving to a new location.

For this reason, it’s vital you manage your employees’ expectations of what is likely to occur during their move. As manager, the experienced team at Allied will liaise with you at every stage of the move, so you can confidently tell your employees what to expect, within precise timescales.

Maintaining Business Continuity


At Allied, we take a personal approach that considers the needs of every employee and business manager. Our lines of communication are open 24/7. We are proactive and keep you informed of every phase of your business move, without you needing to chase us for information.

Contact our Singapore moving team to start planning your office move today. Our moving consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your business.