Always Hire Dedicated House Movers

The pressure of meeting budgets is often what guides people when moving home in Singapore, which can cause issues if choosing a company based on their cheap rates or deciding to hire transport and carry out the move yourself. While the average cost of a move in the Territory is estimated at S$500 for a 3-bedroom Housing & Development Board (HDB) apartment, this cost can increase significantly if you choose a cut-price house mover in Singapore that ends up losing your goods in transport or causes significant damage to your property during the move.

A dedicated house mover in Singapore can help you save on extras such as multiple moves, which weren’t considered in the initial quote. Experienced home movers know how elements such as traffic congestion, flights of stairs, elevators and body corporates can impact your final estimate, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when composing a quote.

Avoid common mistakes

While you may choose to transport delicate items yourself, the majority of your possessions should be entrusted to professionals. A move consultant has experience with households of all sizes and many similar to your own, when you consider ages of residents, number of bedrooms, etc. As a householder, you can often over- or underestimate the final outlay, especially when you consider the whole task a little overwhelming in the first place.

Often, families end up making multiple trips to transport possessions they hadn’t accounted for or which proved too difficult for them to manage themselves. As a van costs about S$75 per day, and a car S$50, neither including petrol nor the physical toll of a move, even one extra day’s delay can prove costly. A professional removalist should be able to complete any household move in one trip, thus cutting out uncertainty, extra costs and a considerable amount of stress.

Helpful additional services add value

Look for a mover that offers additional services for your relocation to make the overall experience more seamless. Many families will have pets, for instance, which can prove difficult when considering a move in Singapore. A good removalist will provide pet relocation services to look after animals while the move is taking place.

A dedicated house mover in Singapore, such as Allied, offers packing and unpacking services, which take a huge amount of pressure off your household as you consider other tasks that must be completed before moving day. 

Our teams also have a network of service professionals, so get in touch if you also require house cleaning services, minor repairs or you need to find new accommodation and don’t have a clue where to look.