Select A Mover That Offers International Moving from Singapore To Malaysia

As Malaysia is geographically very close to Singapore, you may not think of it as an international relocation. Until quite recently, Singaporeans relocating for work often favoured Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or the UK, due to their employment opportunities and cultural links. Due to the large expat population in the Lion City, this made a move overseas quite common. Now movers from Singapore to Malaysia have more reason to take clients across the borders and therefore you’re more likely to find a removalist more adept at dealing with the customs involved in such a short move.

Recent trends have shown that more Singaporeans are choosing to make Malaysia their new home, as the country expands economically and offers a wider choice of destination cities with the chance for several demographic groups to find a great lifestyle. Of course, the major advantage of moving to Malaysia is proximity. Even a big moving company that specialises in large international moves has seen the potential of offering moving services from Singapore to Malaysia, so you’re likely to find a quality mover that can help you with all your needs.

Increasing choices opening up in Malaysia

Malaysia’s economy is now worth a quarter of Singapore’s, which attests to its success as an emerging global market and workplace. From a largely agrarian economy, Malaysian industry and commerce have produced success stories from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, with Johor Bahru now competing at a higher level than previously. JB’s proximity to Singapore is making it especially attractive for workers from the Lion City, where property prices and even the chance of buying a car are proving ever more prohibitive.

When thinking about relocating from Singapore, however, it is worth remembering that Malaysia is very much another country. Although ethnically similar, the history of each territory has ensured that a move across the Johore Strait, around the South China Sea or the Straits of Malacca is not something to be taken lightly. The best movers from Singapore to Malaysia will be able to advise you of all the requirements you need to complete to alleviate stress from your relocation. 

Customs requirements and shipping fees

To transport your goods from SG to Malaysia, you will need to have possessed them for minimum 3 months and you can’t sell them for another 3 months. This helps the MY government’s tax authorities ensure you aren’t trying to make a profit by importing valuables, which from Singapore can be a wide range of items. As for the actual cost of shipping fees, this is sometimes calculated by volume, and sometimes by weight. So, if you are moving a business, for example, the customs checks will be made according to whichever (volume or weight) carries the highest value.

Allied SG is the mover that Singapore to Malaysia customers have used for many years, starting with junks and rickshaws and now using the latest satellite tracking equipment and shipping methods. An SG-MY move is perhaps not as easy as it may seem, so by placing your household and/or business in the hands of our expert movers will help save you time, money and stress.