Get in Touch with A Quality International Moving Company in Singapore

If it’s time to start planning your move across the map, you’ll need to step into your “organiser” mode to put a strategy in place. Relocating internationally is likely to be difficult if you're planning it alone. Getting bogged down in the excess paperwork, regulations, and customs and immigration requirements may lead you to missing deadlines closing in on your moving date, which can throw the whole process out of order. However, with the support and expertise of international moving companies in Singapore to guide you throughout the process, your move can be as smooth as possible.

When using a moving service, you are guided through the proper channels, so you’re less likely to let something slip – and that “something” may be one thing that is very important. The highly trained team members at Allied can help you register your moving project into our database then navigate the related paperwork and regulations that go with a mover overseas, no matter what country you’re moving to thanks to our global network of suppliers. 

Here, we list some of the benefits of using an international moving service in Singapore to support you throughout your relocation.

Expert knowledge at your fingertips

General information on Google doesn't compare to the valuable expertise you’ll receive from one of our multilingual relocation experts. By employing our international moving service in Singapore, you'll receive a free consultation with all the knowhow, tailored to your individual moving needs.

Various nations will add shipping tariffs, and you’ll find some countries have unexpected restrictions against items you have in your household, which you didn’t know you couldn’t take into the country with you. Of course, there are the obvious prohibited items, such as endangered animal species, high-powered weapons, certain pharmaceuticals, etc, yet you wouldn’t expect some items to have made the list, such as chewing gum. So, it’s best to check with your professional Singapore mover to ensure you’re not wasting time at customs checkpoints.

You won't miss a thing.

Allied moving assistance covers everything from customs regulations to patching picture-hook holes in your former address. At Allied, we won’t leave anything behind. You can speak to one of our team members about the international relocation of your pets, vehicles and more. Additionally, we provide climate-controlled storage facilities, temporary accommodation and packing services to ease the transition. 

You can accompany every step.

Allied has partnered with Globalcom for international relocations, allowing you to track the exact progress of your goods with the click of a button. With this service easily accessible from a smart device, you will be able to trail your transit from the initial household survey to the delivery of your belongings. 

Don’t go it alone! We are here to help avoid the headaches and settle you into your next adventure with ease. Allied is recognised as the leading international moving service in Singapore and can offer you a reliable, efficient and safe international relocation. Contact our team today to organise your move.