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Information on import of second hand vehicles into Australia (Updated 31/03/2017) - Asbestos Vehicle Update, and Asbestos Declaration

United Kingdom
Very Important Communication:
UK regulations for duty free importation of used household goods have changed. As of 1 April 2017, if you are importing a duty-free shipment into the United Kingdom you (we cannot do it on your behalf), are required to follow the UK Customs process to apply for, and receive, a UK Customs ToR Unique Authorisation Code which is required before shipping your goods to the UK.
A separate UK Customs ToR Unique Authorisation Code is required for each shipment to the UK so if you have a sea shipment and an air shipment then an application and number is required for each shipment.
To avoid extra charges that will occur if official procedures are not followed the UK Customs advise that the UK Customs ToR Unique Authorisation Code should be applied for and received before you ship your goods. This application procedure is supposed to take 10-14 business days but in busy periods it may take UK Customs longer to process. We recommend to avoid any extra storage charges at origin and issues with Customs in the UK please apply well in advance of the packing date so we have the information before packing.
Please read the attachment named "UK Customs Procedures on Personal Property Imports" so you understand your obligations under the UK Customs regulations.
Link to UK Customs ToR Unique Authorisation Code application site

You are also required by UK Customs to supply an estimated current market value (depreciated value) of the goods being imported into the United Kingdom for customs clearance purposes. 

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