Find Affordable Domestic and International Singapore Movers and Packers

Moving home or business premises is widely acknowledged to be among the most stressful experiences of your life, while recent surveys have shown that packing brings more anxiety than any other aspect of the move. Being out of routine and not knowing where you’ve packed certain items can cause major headaches, while the overwhelming thought of packing up your entire household, potentially filled with years of accumulated possessions, can cause a mild form of trauma for certain people. This is why it can be a smart decision to hand over your packing to professional Singapore movers and packers.

There are practical considerations involved in moving that can add to this sense of foreboding, such as the chance that prized possessions may be damaged or lost once they are out of sight and in a packing case. Although these fears are in many ways understandable, if you hire the best Singapore movers and packers you’re often safeguarded against the worst.

Correct packing is cost-effective

As some customers feel unable to trust anyone else with their valuable belongings, be they prized family gifts or expensive technical items like IT equipment, they can be tempted to omit these from a packing inventory in order to “look after” them personally during a move. Unfortunately, this often results in fragile and expensive items not being accounted for, so they’re more likely to become damaged as time pressures on moving day can see these goods being squashed into inappropriate boxes or even bags.

Experienced Singapore movers and packers liaise with their customers carefully from initial contact, and help assess exactly what needs to be moved, or perhaps put in storage for a later date. Heavy and awkward items may need to be double or triple boxed, which can seem unnecessary to inexperienced movers. However, these boxes and crates are reusable, so unless one is punctured during transit, this cost is not passed on to you as a customer. Sensible use of packing materials in this way keeps overall costs low, while ensuring the best possible conditions of carriage for all items.

Trained and experienced staff provide high value

Singapore movers and packers with extensive experience of their trade use their expertise to assess stowage options before transport, so that weight is correctly distributed and space maximised. During transit, traffic conditions can mean that incorrectly stowed boxes and crates move around inside the truck, which can be dangerous and potentially damaging. While straps will help keep packages in place, this is really a last resort; expertly stowed packing crates will in fact not move from their initial placement.

Expert local packers and movers are able to assess all moves in a relatively short time, and will also be well informed by move consultants and coordinators about your specific needs before the day of the move itself. This means that, by using a company such as Allied Singapore, you will not have the extra stress of wasting time and money while your move goes ahead. When moving your home or business, the less stress, the better.