Why We Highly Recommend Hiring Reputable Singapore Movers


Moving house is one of the more stressful events people put themselves through these days, so you want to make sure you’ve hired reputable Singapore movers like Allied when it’s your turn.

Choosing a budget mover or taking on the job yourselves, lifting heavy furniture without the right equipment, only adds to the stress. There are plenty of movers in Singapore yet finding the right one may not always mean choosing the cheapest option.

We Use the Correct Equipment

Allied Singapore movers use specialist tools and equipment to move your furniture, particularly cumbersome items, so we can more easily transport pieces that are very heavy. Less reliable and low-budget moving companies often rely solely on manpower, which may result in dropped furniture, scratched floors, chipped walls or broken crockery – none of which you want to happen to you. 


Our Movers Use High-Quality Protective Packing Materials

We ensure your furniture is secured and properly packed throughout the move. 
Our teams are trained to pack and move furniture carefully, so there is less movement during transit. We will position boxes tightly fitted together in the truck and always put the heaviest at the bottom. We use clean, soft cloths as well as bubble wrap and other packaging to reduce the risk of damage. If you live in a Singapore apartment block, we’ll use the necessary floor, elevator and wall protection to safeguard the building, so you don’t have any complaints made against you following the move.


You’ll Find a Comprehensive List of Moving Services

Our Singapore removalists offer services such as packing, unpacking, pet relocationvehicle relocations and international moves. To save time and stress, we will visit your residence prior to your moving date and pack your belongings, ready to be transported to your new address. This way, you can enjoy your home without having to organise packing materials and do the packing yourselves, which is something many people procrastinate over. 


The Best Movers Offer Moving Insurance

A reputable moving company will offer moving insurance options with your move. This is because the best movers understand that sometimes there are factors which are outside of our control which may result in the unthinkable such as weather or road accidents. 

Allied Always Turns Up