A Scenic Sea Change For Singapore: Moving To New Zealand


For those looking to spend some time away from home, or make a new home outside of the bustle and pressure of Singapore, the dual islands of New Zealand are a surprisingly popular destination. There are many points in favor of this southern land; its incredible natural beauty, its friendly people, and a more relaxed society. In general, New Zealand is said to offer a more tranquil living experience when compared to our home state. But here are some more specific differences that those thinking about a move can consider.

A Land Of Beauty

This is the first thing many people outside of New Zealand would say about the country; the twin islands are home to an incredible range of rugged and beautiful landscapes. You can visit beaches, snow-capped peaks, wide open plains, rolling hills, forests and volcanic hot springs – all within one small country. Settle where you love, and make day trips to the rest.

Space To Spread Your Wings

It should be pointed out that while the North and South Islands are a small area to house so many different environments, they are still hundreds of times larger by landmass than Singapore. Not only does New Zealand dwarf our city-state, but its population is actually lower than ours by 20%. This means there is simply so much more room per person – some areas have only 9 people per square kilometer! Even the major cities, while still highly urbanized, feel refreshingly open and relaxed.

A Supportive Western Society

New Zealand is a stable and peaceful democracy, and its strong public service has many potential benefits to those seeking long-term residence there. Public healthcare costs little or no money for citizens, residents, or those on 2-year or longer work visas. General Practitioners/Family Doctors are in good supply, and accident or emergency treatment at hospitals is free. The government has a compensation scheme in place to automatically cover those who suffer serious life-impairing injuries.

For those moving with children, education is free at the preschool, primary and secondary levels. The New Zealand government reports that many Singaporean expats find their children are happier and more confident after living there.

A Thriving Expat Community

With the cost of living in New Zealand significantly lower than here and their job market booming, Singaporeans and other South East Asian expats are already New Zealand’s fastest growing demographic. Singaporean communities are present across all the major cities and are very supportive of new arrivals who need a taste of home. Between a welcoming expat network and a professional moving agency like Allied, you’ll have all the help you need to make your move to this breathtaking and wonderful country a lasting success.

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