Top 5 Tips When Relocating From Singapore to India

india gate

Moving from one country to another can be a very exciting and daunting task depending on the type of person you are. Therefore, relocating from Singapore to India will require a great deal of planning and probably more stress than you had anticipated if you don't plan it properly. The trick is to organise the move earlier in order to see the benefits.

Here is a list of things to do when relocating from Singapore to India, which will help you from getting stuck in the process.

Tip #1 - Research where you're going

Featuring amazing sights and sounds, India is a vast country located in southern Asia. It harbours the world's second largest population and is a vibrant, hustling and bustling country. So, what can you expect when relocating to India?

You are more likely to find that many choices in India are different from what you were used to in Singapore. Therefore, spend some time researching the country, the people, the Indian culture and most importantly, the specific city you're relocating to because your experience living in India will be dependent on the city you live in.

Tip #2 - Obtain your passports and visas

If you're an expat living on a work permit, you are required to notify the Ministry of Manpower that you intend to leave Singapore so they can cancel your work pass. This also applies to any dependent passes linked to your work permit.

You will need a visa when relocating from Singapore to India. If you're a local Singaporean, your passport will require at least six months' validity before you're able to apply for a visa or leave the country.

Tip #3 - Clear your tax

You are required to obtain tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore if you're a foreigner leaving the country or Singaporean national who has renounced your citizenship.

This will be done by your employer on your behalf at least a month before your relocation. What this means is your employer will withhold money from your salary to pay the tax you owe. If you don't cover the outstanding amount, you will not be permitted to leave.

Tip #4 - Close your Central Provident Fund (CPF) account

If you're a Singaporean national or permanent resident wishing to withdraw your savings from your CPF account, you're required to renounce your residency/citizenship if you're permanently relocating to India.

Tip #5 - Learn how to make your favourite Singaporean dishes

While other bureaucratic tasks will need your utmost attention, the one thing you might miss dearly while relocating from Singapore to India is the food.

Craving your favourite cuisine is only going to make you more homesick for Singapore. Expats who leave the Lion City often yearn for the mouthwatering cuisine, so to help alleviate your homesickness, learn how to cook your favorite dishes, whether it is laksa, chilli crab, kaya toast or dosas.

If an international relocation from Singapore to India is on the horizon and you don't know where to start, Allied international movers can help you with everything you need to know for a smooth move, down to the last detail.