Top 5 Things to Consider When Moving to Malaysia from Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic place to live for the entire family, yet sometimes work can call you to different shores and you might find yourself relocating from Singapore to Malaysia. Luckily, Malaysia has endless exotic offerings and potential for a great lifestyle to boot. Relocating from Singapore to Malaysia will require some preparation, but with some planning, you can make it as stress-free as possible.

Get Your Visas In Order

If you are relocating from Singapore to Malaysia for work, you will be happy to know your employer is usually the person that deals with the work visa. If you are looking to move to Malaysia and do not currently have a job, you can visit on a tourist visa then change your visa to a working visa once you’ve found a placement. You can find more information on Malaysian tourist visa applications on the Malaysia I-Visa website. Please remember that it is important to have your documentation in order before starting your new job because the Malaysian authorities do not let undocumented workers off lightly. Consider securing a job before you move from Singapore to ensure that everything is in order before you set off.

Find a Quote for Relocation Services

Even if you are only considering the move from Singapore to Malaysia, obtaining a quote for relocation services is important. Find out how much it will cost to fly you and your family to your destination, and how much will it cost to transport all your furniture and personal belongings by contacting Allied Singapore or Allied Malaysia so you know what to expect. The moving quote may impact how many belongings you wish to take with you and will help you create a budget.

Health Insurance

An unfortunate side effect of being an expat in a new country can be finding good health cover. Many jobs may come with health insurance as a perk, but always ensure your family is covered in case of emergency or whether you are the only name on the policy. For members of the family moving to Malaysia who are not included on the policy, look at health insurance quotes to help you include healthcare costs into your budget.

Living Costs

It is important to consider the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur or other Malaysian cities before venturing across the border. If your budget stretches to a visit to the city you are looking to move to, it may benefit you to familiarise yourself with the region in advance. Visit restaurants, talk to potential neighbours, real estate agencies, government agencies and energy suppliers to know how much your expected outgoings will cost. These can all be researched online.


In Malaysia, most of the locals speak Tamil. If you do not have a decent grasp of the language, it might be difficult to mingle with locals or with those outside the expat community so download some apps or purchase a phrasebook to help you get by.

Malaysia has a lot to offer and if you’ve been confined to the vibrant city living of Singapore, the country has much to explore in the way of wilderness and beautiful beaches for you and your family to enjoy.

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