Top 10 Destinations For Expats

People move for many different reasons, work, lifestyle or to try something new and exciting. However, moving abroad can be a very daunting experience. Often you’re moving to a location you have never visited before, and depending on where you move to there could be several barriers from, communication to cultural. Here are our top 10 destinations.


A culturally diverse landscape and the sixth largest country on the planet, Australia affords a great degree of choice when it comes to expats seeking a new place to call home. Offering the perfect setting for a work-life balance, the land of Oz contains many employment opportunities and a lively social scene.


For the career minded, Switzerland is said to provide excellent job security and career progression. Centrally located amongst many other popular European countries, it also serves as a convenient base for expats who like to travel.


Taiwan ranks highly for expats seeking a change of scene that comes with a lively social life. If you’re looking for a balance of city and mountains this is the country for you.

United Arab Emirates

Boasting both a strong economy and high salaries, this destination should be top of the list for anyone looking to obtain an increase in their annual salary.


More than just a cliché, Canadians are renowned for facilitating a warm and approachable environment that would make any expat feel welcome. It has cities, beaches, mountains aplenty and of course plenty of snow for skiing.


If you’re looking to cut down on living costs, then Bahrain may be the place for you. Many Singapore expats who moved here found that they were able to save more compared to home.


Besides offering some of the world’s finest beers, Germany also affords top of the line health care and career progression. Centrally located in Europe, it’s a great base for travel.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for training wheels when it comes to moving far from home, New Zealand ranks highly in regards to adjusting to a new place. From beaches, to mountains and plenty of wine tasting there’s an adventure waiting for you.


For those looking for the ideal setting to raise a family, Sweden offers a safe and nurturing environment for your children. An excellent education system, the beautiful outdoors and of course IKEA make it an easy country to adapt to.


Singapore expats might not be so quick to leave home if they were to know that Singapore itself is typically ranked one of the best destinations to live, due to its improved quality of life.

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