Tips When Moving Furniture from Singapore to Malaysia

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Every piece of furniture in your home says something about who you are and the life you’ve lived. Perhaps you love the functionality of your modern desk or you adore the classic design of your vanity. Whatever it is, these items become part of your everyday life and taking them to your new home means you’re bringing something familiar when you start a new chapter in another country. 

The team at Allied Singapore has compiled a list of items to remember when moving furniture from Singapore to Malaysia:

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Moving Furniture - Clean Your Furniture Before You Move

Make a refreshing start and give all your furniture a good clean before moving day.  You will save yourself a lot of trouble when you are in your new home because dust and dirt won’t have travelled with you. Cleaning your furniture also helps protect your pieces from wear. This is even more important if you are putting some of it into storage because built-up dirt can damage your items.

Don’t Economise on Packing Materials

There are many expenses involved when moving furniture from Singapore, so it is understandable if you are looking for ways to cut down costs. However, you should buy the appropriate materials to protect your furniture. Bubble wrap, corrugated carton, covers and packing paper will help keep your belongings safer during transit. Refrain from using newspaper as the ink can come off and cause a lot of damage – or you’ll spend time cleaning it off all your expensive china.

The team at Allied can help you with moving and packing services, providing the best packing materials.

Disassemble Bigger Pieces of Furniture

If some of your furniture can be dismantled, do so in advance. Take detailed photos of the pieces to save yourself a headache when it comes time to reassemble the items. Make sure to keep any screws and other parts clearly labelled and secure. If possible, package individual pieces and components then store all the parts together so when you’re putting anything back together you know where to look for the parts. 

Beware of the Heat

The heat can make any regular task more difficult. As you can imagine, moving heavy objects can be a huge challenge when it’s really hot outside. Moving early in the day is probably the best way to avoid heat exhaustion and remain hydrated with plenty of cold water. 

Customs Clearance

You will need to declare your belongings when moving into Malaysia. You are allowed to import household and personal effects that have been used for more than 3 months and they must remain in your possession for more than 3 months after arriving. Make sure you find out if there are any restricted items among your boxes. 

The amount of import duty and taxes will be calculated depending on the shipping value of the items. The value includes insurance and cost of freight. Some duties are calculated by weight or the volume of the items. 

Talk to the Moving Experts

The most valuable tip when moving furniture from Singapore to Malaysia is to trust the expertise of professionals. Our team at Allied has the materials, tools and experience to help make sure your belongings arrive safely at your destination. We also deal with Customs Clearance and your very own personal moving consultant will advise you during the moving process. Contact us so we can get started.

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