Should Expats Rent or Buy Furniture When Moving to Singapore?


Moving to Singapore is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and experience the delights of this Southeast Asian city. Before you move, you need to acknowledge that moving to a new country can be expensive. Rather than utilising movers in Singapore to bring your own furniture to your new home, renting or buying furniture once you arrive may be a cheaper alternative. 
If you are moving to Singapore for a short period of time, from a few months to a couple of years, you may consider renting your furniture, rather than buy items you will need to sell before you return home at the end of your contract. 

Here’s how to decide.

Buying New Furniture

While the trend of renting furniture in Singapore is growing, there will always be those who want to enjoy high-quality items and fill their new homes with expensive pieces that excite them. Therefore, buying furniture will always be an option. Expats who have emigrated to Singapore or are here for a long period of time, are likely to find that buying is a cheaper option. It is also important to remember that if you are renting your property and your lease expires, or you decide to sell and buy a new property, you will require movers in Singapore to take your furniture to your new home.

Renting Furniture

Buying furniture for long, or permanent stays may seem like the obvious way to save money. There are times, however, where money may be tight after making the move to a new country and finding accommodation. In these cases, renting furniture allows expats to furnish their homes in a style they love without breaking the bank. 

Renting furniture is easy and with the furniture industry growing year on year, there are many companies to rent from. Companies will offer a room design service, allowing your home to have a sense of style that fits perfectly with the floorplan and is suited to your individual leasing budget. Some offer a choice of new and used furniture in long- and short-term leases. It is important to remember that renting new furniture is often more expensive because often people prefer brand new furniture, which no one else has used. 

If you are likely to be renting a property, you will also find that rented furniture is tax deductible, offering further savings. Furniture renting companies in Singapore may offer you the chance to change the style of your furniture during or after your lease term, which can refresh the look of your home without the added expense of buying new items. If you decide you love the furniture you have after your lease has expired, your rental company will often allow you to buy the items at a reduced rate, at which time you would have settled and allowed for it in your budget.

Relying on Allied for Your Move

When you move to the beautiful city state of Singapore, Allied international movers can help. With offices around the world, we are able to pack, transport and relocate all your belongings to Singapore. Our skilled team of movers in Singapore will deliver your items directly to your door after you and your rented or purchased furniture arrives. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you move.