Pet Relocation: What You Need to Know

Moving from Singapore with your pets will require careful preparation and a good dose of patience. Unlike everyone else in your family, your pets will not understand what is happening yet they will certainly notice the changes. Your furry friends will require a lot of support and you will need to start getting your beloved pet ready for relocation months in advance.

Have Their Paperwork Ready

One of your first tasks when relocating your pet will be to do some research into the requirements for taking your animal companions into another country. In most cases, you will need to provide proof that the pet has been microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. Some countries might require additional treatments against particular parasites or your pet may be required to go into quarantine. Talk to your vet to have a plan in place.

Travel With Well-Trained Animals

Cats and dogs are still the most common type of pet and while they require training to adapt to your lifestyle they will need it for travelling as well. Travelling can cause a lot of anxiety yet with plenty of preparation, your furry friends will be ready to face what is coming.

If your cat or dog is not used to being in a transport carrier, then start by teaching them how to use it. Keep in mind that airlines have very specific requirements about the type and dimensions of animal crates they accept. Always check this information before purchasing one.

Make sure your pet is comfortable in their carrier by practising with them using it at home in Singapore. Let them know they can use that space to relax and get away from everyone else. This is especially helpful in busy areas whereby they may want to retreat from all the activity. You will need to start locking it to help them get used to it. At first, they will only need to spend a few minutes there then start increasing the time. Reward them after each session and do not make a fuss if they do not want to go in. This is not a punishment and should not be treated as such.

Coping with the Stress of Pet Relocation

When the day finally comes to move from Singapore, try to remain as calm as possible. Animals can sense when you are feeling anxious and that can trigger the same feelings for them. Most vets do not recommend using sedatives as they can be dangerous when the pet is not going to be constantly supervised. However, you can use compression shirts or aromatherapy to help keep them calm. These alternatives also require training, so add them to your ‘to do’ list.

Allied works with reliable pet relocation specialists, which can make all the necessary arrangements for your relocation from Singapore. Call your friendly and knowledgeable consultant at Allied and we will be more than happy to facilitate the relocation of your furry family member.

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