How To Move Internationally With Your Pet


There’s no doubt that pets are part of the family, so if you’re moving internationally to or from Singapore then your pet will relocate with you. Moving with pets requires some careful preparation as well as a good dose of patience. Unlike everyone else in your family, your pets will not understand what is happening, yet they will certainly notice the changes. Your furry or feathered friends will require a lot of support and you will need to start getting your beloved pet ready for relocation months in advance. At Allied, we help thousands of pets relocate across the globe every week - here’s our guide to relocating with your pet. 


Just like you’ll need a passport and visa to relocate to a new country, your pet also needs some documentation in order to move internationally. Researching the requirements of entry for pets is the best way to start when planning your relocation. Depending on which country you’re choosing to resettle in, your pet may need documentation to prove that they’ve been microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. 

Some destinations may require your pet to have treatments against particular parasites or diseases, or have a quarantine period. Keep in mind that there may be regulations around which breeds and species of pets are allowed in the country, failure to comply with these rules can result in some pretty upsetting consequences such as euthanasia or deportation. 

Do some basic research for entry requirements before chatting to your vet and organising any required vaccinations. If you’re using a pet relocation service, they’ll brief you on any entry requirements and help you plan accordingly. 


Being in a vehicle or an animal carrier can be the source of stress for many pets. Memories of unpleasant trips to the vet or other stressful situations may be associated with the crate or car. The size and type of carrier will likely depend on the airline and destination country you choose, so do your research before purchasing or renting one. 

To help prepare your pet, bring out the pet carrier a few weeks prior to the move. Encouraging your pet to spend time in the carrier with treats or placing favourite toys in there can help reduce the negative associations. Depending on the destination, your pet will likely spend substantial amounts of time in the carrier alone so practice leaving them in there for periods of time. Slowly increase the amount of time and reward them after every session. 


Travelling can cause a lot of anxiety for everyone, and pets are no exception. When preparing for a move, your pet will be faced with a significant amount of change. As you begin packing and preparing for your international move, maintaining a regular routine can help to keep your pet calm. Ensuring to stick to their daily routine including walks/playtime and their meal schedule is important leading up to the day. 

When the day finally comes to move from Singapore, try to remain as calm as possible. Animals can sense when you are feeling anxious and that can trigger the same feelings for them. Most vets do not recommend using sedatives as they can be dangerous when the pet is not going to be constantly supervised. However, you can use compression shirts or aromatherapy to help keep them calm. These alternatives also require training, so add them to your ‘to do’ list.

Following the move, they may be a little out of sorts at first. As they deal with the change in time, climate and surroundings, you’ll need to be patient as they adapt to their new home. Picking up their old routine can help them feel more at home and provide some much needed familiarity. 


Moving internationally already requires a lot of organisation, careful planning and energy to successfully execute. Moving your pet yourself is stressful as you constantly check in with different airlines and transportation services while you also manage the other aspects of your move. So why not let the experts handle your pet relocation? With a service like Allied’s, you won’t have to worry about your pet being neglected for hours on end or risk any issues in their relocation to their new home. Instead, you can focus on moving the rest of your belongings and all the other logistics that come with an international move. Ensure that your pet arrives safe and sound at your new home with Allied, 

Allied works with reliable pet relocation specialists, which can make all the necessary arrangements for your relocation to or from Singapore. Contact your friendly and knowledgeable consultant at Allied and we will be more than happy to facilitate the relocation of your furry or feathered family member.