Pet-Friendly Apartments in Singapore


If you’re planning to move in Singapore and you have furry family members you want to take with you, this opens a whole different world of responsibilities and items you need to add to your moving checklist. You can make moving home with pets in Singapore an easier experience with world-class movers such as Allied to help you throughout the process.

Moving is often stressful, especially if you don’t plan and wing it at the last minute. You can’t have a conversation with your dog, bird or cat about what’s happening, so if you want to help reduce your animal’s stress, you’ll need to plan well in advance when moving with pets. Another factor to consider is will your new address allow pets in the building. The good news is that finding the right apartment that allows pets in Singapore can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Housing Development Board (HDB) Apartments

If you are already own a furry friend, you will likely know that the Singapore government has laws relating to the number, size and breeds of pets allowed to live in homes. If you have a large breed of dog or a cat, you may not be eligible to stay in HDB accommodation. You may find that living in HDB apartments does not suit the needs of your dog, even smaller breeds. For those with small dogs, these units are a viable and affordable choice because you are allowed to house one single dog in these properties. Those with pets that would not affect other residents or the cleanliness of the building, such as hamsters, rabbits or fish, are usually unaffected and can live in HDB accommodation without issues.

Private Property and Condos

Private buildings and even homes with a garden may limit the size of the dogs you are allowed to have. Condos often ban cats but allow medium to small breeds of dogs. Moving with pets to homes in Singapore with private outdoor areas gives pet owners the chance to have the canine breed of their choice. However, even those with spacious gardens would not be allowed to own more than three dogs and landlords have the right to deny any pet into their property. Most Singapore landlords or condo managers are happy to allow pets but will do so following a strict set of rules.

Where to Live

Living on the east or west coast of Sentosa is popular with dog owners due to the local dog-friendly beaches and parks. Bishan Point is another desirable location due to Bishan Park, where there are gated areas for dogs to roam and run freely. Bishan is also home to many pet stores and pet hotels for those looking to pamper their furry friends. Holland, Serangoon, Kovan and Katong are all great locations for dogs with their green areas in which dogs can often be seen running with their owners.

Moving with Allied

If you are moving with pets in Singapore, our team of professional removals experts are always happy to hear from you. We can help with packing, transport and unpacking, while we offer advice throughout your entire move. You can contact us on +65 6862 4700 or via our website.