How Far Ahead Should I Book My Move in Singapore?

When planning a move, timing is essential. Once you have found a new home, it is time to move fast to book a move to ensure you do not get caught off-guard. You will need to get a lot of things done in the weeks leading up to moving day. However, booking a removalist as early as possible is one of the most important tasks.

So how early does “early as possible” have to be in order to book your move in Singapore? Here are some tips from the team at Allied to help you get organised.

As Early as Possible?

The truth is that everyone’s circumstances are different so in an ideal world, you should book your move at least six weeks in advance. If you are planning to move during the summer, it is suggested to increase that time to eight weeks. The summer is the busiest time for movers and booking your move at the last minute means you might not be able to find a removalist that has the time in their schedule.

Advantages of Booking Early

The biggest advantage when booking your move early on is you will be able to obtain quotes from different companies and not be under pressure when deciding. Another great benefit is you have more flexibility to choose a moving date that suits you. If you book a move only a couple of weeks before your moving date, you risk missing out on favoured times, such as weekends or early mornings. Most people prefer to move close to the weekend to give themselves time to unpack. Fridays are particularly popular so if you are thinking of choosing the beginning of a weekend, make sure you start getting quotes at least two months before.

It might not seem like it but booking a move early in Singapore can lift a big burden off your shoulders. Having a date ready means you will not have to keep changing your plans. You will also have plenty of time to start packing and getting things ready for the big day.

If You Could Turn Back Time

If you are unable to book a move at the recommended times, do not despair. It is perfectly understandable that things might get in the way and you end up postponing finding your removalist. It is still possible to find a mover that will accommodate you. At Allied, we will do everything in our power to help our customers find a date that works for them. As mentioned earlier, days around a weekend are taken first so if you’ve left it a bit late try choosing a weekday. The first and last days of the month are also quite popular because most rental agreements begin and end on those days. The middle of the month takes longer to fill up so enquire about those dates.

If you would like to book a move in Singapore or talk about the moving and storage services we offer, call Allied. We will be more than happy to be part of this exciting stage in your life.