Allied Top 5 Moving Tips


Packing and moving in Singapore is just as stressful as it is anywhere else in the world. Moving house is up there with the end of a relationship or death of a loved one when it comes to experiencing stress, so why would you make this experience any harder than it needs to be? The cost of a removalist far outweighs the amount of stress you’ll avoid by hiring expert help. With professional advice and a bit of planning, moving can be more of an adventure than a chore. The team at Allied is in the business of making moving easy, so look to their moving tips for help.

Notify Your Service Providers

Every company and organisation you use for utilities and service providers will need to know about your move. Utility companies should be advised early enough so you can arrange for your details to be transferred to your new address. Your Internet, telephone and television service operators will require at least one month’s notice before your move and may need more time if you are within the contract period. Your doctor and children’s school will need to be told in advance so any files and data can be transferred to another institution.

Submit Your Moving Application Early

Most HDB (Housing & Development Board) buildings or condo buildings in Singapore will not allow your movers into your current or new property without you completing this application at least a week in advance. In many cases it is safer to submit this application as soon as a date is finalised. You will have to pay a deposit and adhere to strict times during which your removals company can work. An experienced and accredited moving company will take care of this for you.

Arrange New Parking Permits and Access Cards Before Moving

When moving to your new residence, you may need access cards before being able to use the resident parking. By organising this before the move, you can reduce the stress of hoping the visitor parking will be free or finding a public car parking space. Prepare by applying well ahead of time so the cards have time to be processed and delivered.

Do Not Pack Essentials Until Last

It may be one of our more obvious moving tips, but it is one of the easiest things to forget: do not pack the items you will need in boxes then bury them under other belongings. Find a spare box or travel bag and pack phone chargers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, medication, money in your wallet, a change of clothes and, of course, any food or refreshments you might need when you arrive. Nobody wants to go trawling through boxes in the hope of finding their phone charger for a  phone with a flat battery after a busy day of moving when all you want to do is order a take-out meal.

Tell Family and Friends

This may sound like a really obvious moving tip yet sometimes people can be so caught-up in the moving details they forget to tell the people who matter most. You may be so busy trying to organise a personal day off at work to get your moving done that it slips your mind to notify your neighbours or even your parents that you’re not going to be at the same address anymore. Stranger things have happened, so add this one to your moving checklist.

Hiring the Best Singapore Movers

You can save time, relieve stress and stay focussed on the big picture by hiring professional Singapore removalists. There is no need to micromanage the packing and removals when you hire our expert teams to pack your belongings. Our trusted professionals work in an organised manner to ensure the safety of your property and keep our insurance premiums down. If an Allied team packs your belongings, and you take our insurance with us, you are insured for loss and damage until everything is unpacked.

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