When you decided to move to Singapore, you probably envisioned glamorous nights out and lovely walks around Marina Bay. However, you may not have anticipated the intensive Singaporean heat. Even if you are no stranger to hot weather, it can take some time to properly adjust to your new climate. As Singapore locals, we at Allied have some easy tips to make your adjustment period to your new home more bearable.

Avoid the air conditioning at home

This might seem like your worst nightmare but we recommend limiting your air conditioning usage at home when you first arrive. As tempting as it may be, reducing the AC will give your body the chance to adjust to your new climate. A fan is a great alternative as it’ll provide necessary airflow without changing the temperature. You can also close the windows and curtains to help reduce the heat. Of course, there’ll be air conditioning in public places and in office buildings, but attempt to reduce blasting cold air at home for the first few weeks. This will help your body adjust to the new climate quicker. 

Limit time outdoors

It’s hottest between midday to around 3pm so we’d recommend avoiding being outdoors during this period. If you need to go out, stay in the shade and limit direct sun exposure. Wearing comfortable loose clothing made from light and natural materials can be helpful. Synthetic materials are less breathable so are likely to make you sweat and feel hotter. When it comes to staying fit, we’d recommend joining an air-conditioned gym, swimming laps in an indoor pool or meeting with a running group who exercises during the evening when the heat of the day has reduced.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your hydration up is essential for good health and can help you stay cool in the Singapore heat. Due to the humidity, you’re likely to suffer from profuse sweating when you first arrive. Perspiration isn’t pleasant and it can be embarrassing, but it is your body’s natural way of cooling down. It’s crucial to replace the liquid and salt expelled through your pores. Stay hydrated by constantly drinking water and get in the habit of carrying a water bottle around. You can also add electrolytes to your water or try putting a bit more salt into your food. Avoid drinking alcohol during the day as it’s one of the easiest ways to become dehydrated. Many people experience lethargy while adapting to the intense heat, but if it’s becoming unbearable or interfering with your daily life we’d recommend discussing it with a doctor.

Store your belongings properly

You previously may not have put much thought into how you stored your personal belongings or arranged your furniture. In Singapore, you’ll need to take care when arranging your home as incorrect storage could result in possible damage of electronics, clothing and important documents. We recommend protecting your precious items with a dehumidifier to reduce the damage from the seasonal steamy and foggy air. Although the humidifier may be a costly expense, so is replacing furniture and other personal belongings. 

Allied can also safely and securely store any belongings or furniture for you. Whether it be a couch that doesn’t fit in your new apartment or a mixture of books and personal items, we can store it without risk of damage from the heat, water or pests.

Give yourself time to adapt

It takes time to adjust to a new home and climate. Although people are incredibly resilient, it won’t happen overnight. Everyone is different, so be patient with family members who are taking their time to adapt. By following our tips, you should adjust to the Singapore heat within a few weeks.

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