Top Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Relocation Service in India

Relocating to a new country 200 years ago would’ve meant weeks at sea on a sailing ship, hoping inclement weather wouldn’t see delays long enough to run out of provisions and illnesses kept in check in the less-than-hygienic conditions. An international relocation these days is relatively easy in comparison, but still involves necessary steps to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo. 

Allied international mover has been there along the way, moving its first customer more than 400 years ago. The brand has finetuned its logistics operations to lead the world when it comes to moving people in and out of their households around the world. Therefore, when you’re looking for a reputable relocation service in India, you know which brand will best streamline your move to avoid hurdles and pitfalls along the way. 

Allied's professional relocation services in India involve strategies to simplify the entire moving process, from consideration of the first item to pack, until the last piece of furniture has been reassembled and positioned just so.

Today, movers do more than just transport your furniture. They have extended their services to ensure that individuals, families, and corporations do not have to feel anywhere near the pressure of an international relocation as they did in the early 18th century. 

Moving Services in India Made Easy

Obtaining the services of expert relocation services in India will help enormously when you consider what could go wrong if you hired an inexperienced mover, who’s just after a dollar and has none of the experience necessary for a successful international relocation. 

When you are faced with a large task, your biggest challenge will be knowing where to start. With the help of a professional international mover, you’ll know when and how to deal with customs arrangements, visas and moving such personal items such as pets and motor vehicles.

1. Moving Consultant

Many customers find it relieving to know they’ll only be dealing with one point of contact. Moving overseas can be so confusing, and if you have to explain yourself to several different agents throughout the moving process, not only can you become frustrated but important components of your move may be missed. Allied provides moving experts known as move coordinators to keep you abreast of deadlines and offer advice when you need it.

A professional moving consultant will help you with everything you need to know when relocating to or from India, offering information on such topics as: where do most expats prefer to live? What are the best schools in the area? What type of documents do you need for a successful relocation? What items are prohibited by Indian customs regulations? This seamless provision of information can be invaluable when you tally up the overall cost of moving.

2. Fast and Cost-Effective Services

Reputable relocation services in India provide full-packing services, including the supply of quality packing materials, porta-robes for hanging expensive clothes, packing, unpacking, dismantling, reassembly, transportation of goods, installation of whitegoods, rearranging furniture, and minor repair services, such as patching holes left by picture hooks or nails. This is far easier than trying to do it yourself or having to call around for a handyman.

3. Online Tracking System

One of the many concerns for families and businesses on the move is being able to track their property’s whereabouts. Allied has partnered with GlobalCom so clients can track the location of their belongings in real-time.

4. Storage Solutions

International relocations can experience unnecessary delays, so when relocating to or from India, hiring a temporary storage facility will ensure your belongings can be safely stored in a well-ventilated warehouse to prevent damage. Therefore, if storage is an option your moving company already provides, all the better for saving time and the hassle of having to look for one yourself. 

Moving with ease is achievable when you book expert relocation services in India from Allied. Talk to one of our customer representatives today to obtain a free move estimate.