2019 Popular Cities in India For Expats (India for Expats)


India, for expats, is likely be overwhelming once you arrive and are smacked in the face, metaphorically, with the busy and vibrant sites, smells and sensations of this amazing and colourful country. With 4000 different cities, hundreds of languages and diverse traditions and cultures, it can be hard to adjust to your new surroundings. Yet, most travellers to this majestic country not only learn to live here but they fall in love with her as well.

Moving to a new country can be stressful, especially if you don’t know where to start. The experienced team of international movers at Allied can discuss your personal needs and even list the popular cities in India for expats to visit or live. We’ve determined our selection based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of living
  • Job opportunities
  • Scenery and surroundings


KOLKATA - The City of Joy

If you are looking for a city that is easy to live in, budget-friendly and has a magnificent infrastructure, Kolkota is labelled the City of Joy for good reason.

Kolkata’s cost of living is considerably cheaper than that of Mumbai. Local purchasing power, rent, and consumer prices fall several points lower. You might earn about 25% lower than an income in Mumbai, however, groceries, restaurants, properties, and utilities, etc, won’t be as expensive.

Kolkata is also a heaven-on-earth for foodies. This city houses a diverse mix of nationalities, so the epicurean delights are plentiful. It offers a mix of Bengali, Italian and Asian, with a dash of Western cuisine. Your tastebuds will never get bored.

This city is also suitable for expats who love majestic architecture and traces of India’s Colonial heritage. It is a city that merges the old with the modern, making an Instagram-worthy opportunity at every turn.



If you are a retiree and are looking at India because of its economy, Puducherry district will be like your home away from home. This city is removed from all the pollution of the bigger cities.

It has a French vibe that is preserved in the city’s French Quarter, which subtly merges with Indian culture. Vibrantly coloured houses are visible on the streets of Puducherry, affectionately known by expats as Pondi for its former name, and the seaside promenade allows you to stroll along the Bay of Bengal admiring the memorial statues.

The cost of living in Pondi is less than Chennai and Bangalore, while traffic is far less congested than that in the city and it’s easy to commute within and outside Pondi. There are buses and trains to take you to other Indian cities, so it’s easy to visit friends who don’t reside in Pondi.



People often find it hard to choose which of these 2 cities tops the other, while locals will say both are beautiful.

In both Chandigarh and Gandhinagar, expats will reside in an unpolluted and peaceful lifestyle. Both blend the feel of the urban with the natural, while this appealing combination is ideal for health-conscious and outdoorsy expats.

Both also boast a relatively cheaper cost of living compared to the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Rent and food are more affordable and if you choose to live in either city, you’ll enjoy verdant landscapes and well-maintained roads.

These two cities are no doubt some of the best places in India for expats.



Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India, whereby opportunities are vast for professionals looking for well-paid work.

If you enjoy the urban side of life, you will love the entertainment that Mumbai has in store. Nothing beats the upbeat lifestyle of its people. Essential commodities, such as malls and gyms, are within easy reach and if you ever tire of the fast-paced lifestyle, you can always get away to Marine Drive along the bay for a dose of relaxation.

Being a famous city for young professionals, Mumbai is pretty crowded and polluted. The cost of living is also higher compared to other cities.


This famous Pink City is also one of the most liveable cities in India. Jaipur is the region in which India’s rich heritage and culture are delightfully showcased.

Jaipur offers the serenity you’ll crave if you become restless in Mumbai’s bustling pace. This is the best place to settle for retirees and baby boomers because the cost of living is lower and the lifestyle is very laid-back.

This is not a good choice for young professionals, unless they’re looking for a weekend away. Jaipur doesn’t provide vast job opportunities for a burgeoning career but if you are looking to wake up early to enjoy the most of your day spent enjoying some leisure time, Jaipur is definitely a good choice.

Out of all the many cities in India for expats to choose from, these are only a handful of places you can settle. There so many cities for you to discover, states to go to, and cultural diversities to fall in love with, so if you are moving to India for work, retirement or pleasure, make sure you do your research or talk to your local moving professionals at Allied.

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