Relocate With Highly Professional Household Goods Movers

When it comes to moving, hiring professional household goods movers isn’t always an option. Depending on your budget or how much you have to move, many people consider the DIY moving option initially before spending cash with a moving company.

If you’re a single and living in a fully furnished apartment, it goes without saying that you don’t really need to pay for a moving van for a few boxes, however, if you’re a busy household or an expat couple on a large salary, save yourself the trouble and hire professional movers in India.

If you’re wondering how to spot a highly professional household goods mover? Here are some tips.

1. The mover has a high online rating.

Legitimate customers don’t lie, especially those who are dissatisfied. Poor service is easily uncovered because customers often don’t let bad experiences pass and are more than willing to share their gripes online. A low star-rating should raise a red flag.

2. They do a personalised walkthrough.

Seeing your belongings firsthand before providing you with an estimate is an essential element that is often overlooked by budget movers. Professional movers do not estimate prices from an online quote form. For example, are you moving from the 1st floor to the 5th? Do the movers need to carry your furniture up and down stairwells? Do they need special lifting equipment for your heavy antiques?

Your mover needs to check the amount of furniture you have, if you own any expensive or delicate belongings and your living situation, in case they need to add a fee for stairs into the quote. It’s also helpful to find out about the rules surrounding moving in your apartment building, in case loading bays are unavailable during the time you’ve booked the moving truck.

3. Expert movers come with complete packing supplies.

Professional household goods movers will provide everything you need for packing. They’ll provide boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, cling wrap, scissors, etc. If you have fragile items, tell them so they can either give you advice on how to pack or you can pay for packing services with your movers.

4. Pro movers provide all types of moving services.

One of the things you need to look for in a moving company is if they are offering other services like packing, unpacking, dismantling, reassembly, installation of whitegoods, etc. You are hiring the services of a household goods mover for a reason, so the more jobs you can hand over on moving day the better.

5. Your removalist offers flexible moving insurance.

Even with a stellar record, the best movers in India are still prone to mishaps due to weather, road accidents or loss. So if you feel you need insurance for your belongings for your move, the teams at Allied can help you with that. 

If you’re carrying out a long-distance move and relocating to a new country, having insurance cover for your valuables is a great way to protect your items. This creates a safety blanket in the rare and unfortunate cases of accidental damage. If a moving company doesn’t offer insurance, you can be sure they won’t take as great a care with your belongings. 

Moving your entire household is, in itself, draining. You can always opt for a DIY job but imagine all the moving supplies you’ll have to buy, the amount of time you need to prepare, renting the truck (and the number of trips), and the manpower required so you don’t break your back. You can avoid all this by hiring a professional moving company in India.

Are you ready to move? Contact Allied and talk to a moving consultant today, who can alleviate much of your worries and reassure you with their helpful tips and knowledge of logistics.