Corporate Household Goods Movers & Packers

Moving an entire team of people takes a huge amount time and planning. When you consider that each employee has a family to look after, requiring visas and resettlement in their new region, the job quickly becomes a large-scale hurdle for the HR department. However, if you hire our Indian moving professionals to help with household goods moving we’ll relieve most of the burden for you. Allied India movers can relocate your entire staff and their families safely and effectively. 

Your employees may be daunted by the prospect of leaving home. As office morale is in your hands, we offer the best moving services in India to look after the household goods of all your staff. If your employees see you value their belongings as much as you value their service by hiring a premium removalist in India, they will respond accordingly. 

Guaranteeing a Seamless Moving Experience

Allied's India is backed by more than 400 years’ experience, when people were moving across cities and throughout remote territories using horse-drawn carts and carriages. Since then, we’ve been building a network of partners and contacts to help us stay ahead of the game, in terms of technology, equipment and expertise. 

The team at Allied India has embraced each new development in transport, packing and communications, to the point that we are now able to offer a totally seamless moving experience for our corporate customers, whether you require a local, interstate or international moving service.

Moving Made Simple

What we do at Allied India is make things simple. We have access to multilingual staff members for international moves as a matter of course, so we always have someone on hand to speak one of all the different languages of India.

Offering our own state-of-the-art online tracking system, we offer customer access to GlobalCom to track employees’ household goods in real time during the course of your business relocation. Our staff are equipped with iPads for fast access to all the detailed inventories of every individual customer’s household possessions. 

Committed to creating a stress-free move 

As well as our centuries of expertise and cutting edge technology, Allied India helps take the stress out of corporate moves. To achieve this, we assign every employee in your team their own personal move coordinator. Whether that employee is an entry-level administrator or a chief executive officer, they will receive exactly the same high level of quality service. Our move coordinators remain in constant communication with the mover, and are a single point of contact to help answer any questions during the moving process.

With Allied, you'll receive:

  • Cartons are double and even triple-walled if necessary.
  • All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection.
  • Personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles.
  • Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue, bubble-wrap and polystyrene chips. 
With Allied India, you can rest assured you and your employees’ household goods are in the safest and best care.