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Self Storage India

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Fire Control

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Pest Control

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24/7 Security

What we offer

Our purpose built storage facilities offer a range of different storage options and will keep your furniture and belongings safe and sound for as long as you need.

Short Term Storage

We offer flexible short term storage, so you can conveniently store your items when you need. Whether you are going away for a week or need to store your belongings for a month or two before you move into your new home, we can cater to your needs. We’ll ensure your items are safe and free from dust, water, vermin or any other damage. We can even deliver your furniture and belongings directly to your new home when requested. You won’t need to worry about lock in contracts or hidden fees when you choose Allied to store your items.


Long Term Storage

If you require long term storage service, you can trust Allied. We have secure facilities which don’t allow access to the public and are monitored 24/7. Regardless of whether you are needing to store your items for a few months or a couple of years, you will have peace of mind that your items are safe and highly protected. Our flexible storage periods mean you can access your things whenever you need, and we’ll directly deliver them to your door no matter where you are in India or overseas.

Small Volume Storage

Our small volume storage service enables you to easily and conveniently store a smaller amount of things for as long as you need. Unlike other storage providers, we understand that you may need to only store a few boxes or pieces of furniture so we provide a storage solution which doesn’t force you to rent an entire storage unit. Instead, you only need to pay for the storage space that you use.


Household Furniture storage

We offer comprehensive household storage services so you can store all your furniture and personal items securely. We will ensure that your furniture is safe from any potential damage from dust, water, vermin or any other issues. We have the necessary expertise, equipment and industry standard materials when it comes to professionally packing and storing furniture storage.

Business and Document Storage

When it comes to storing business furniture, items and documents, security is our main priority. Our business and document storage service ensures that all your corporate belongings are safely stored, without risking your privacy.

Even if you aren't a business, you can store your documents safely with Allied. Whether it’s a birth certificate, university degree or photo album, your documents will be stored properly in our storage facility. By using a storage facility to store your documents, you won’t need to worry about losing or damaging your precious documents at home.


Moving Boxes for Optimal Storage Solutions

For your items to be properly stored, they also need to be properly packed. We offer the highest quality moving boxes in order to guarantee the protection and preservation of your items in storage. Our packing materials and boxes are the highest industry standard, being both sturdy as well as 100% recyclable. Thanks to our excellent materials, your precious items will have sufficient packing and stability while being stored.The uniformity of shape and size of our moving boxes means you’ll maximise the available storage space

Our wide range of packing materials include:

  • Standard Carton
  • Book Carton
  • TV Carton
  • Port-a-robe Carton
  • Audio Pack
  • Mini Robe Carton
  • Picture Carton
  • Lampshade Carton
  • Wine Carton
  • Essentials Carton
  • Custom Built Crates

Why use Allied for storage?

When you choose Allied for your storage needs, you are choosing quality and expertise. We’re proud to be ISO 9001 accredited as well as FAIM-ISO - the industry’s highest quality accreditation!

With over 600 locations worldwide, our expansive moving network means we can deliver your items in storage no matter where you are across the globe! We have 7 offices across India so your nearest Allied is never too far away.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers and store your things with Allied.


Our storage facility locations

You can find our storage facilities conveniently located in cities across India. We can easily transport your belongings and furniture to and from your closest Allied storage facility.

Our locations include:

Discuss your storage requirements today!

If you are interested in using secure storage then please contact us. You can get in touch with our friendly team and discuss your specific storage needs. 

Call us on (1800)102-5922 or receive a free quote via our website. 


Stress free storage

Speak with Allied about our simple, secure storage solutions.

Our Storage Service Include:

Professional Packing Of Your Belongings

Leave the hassle and effort of packing to the professionals. Our experienced teams have gone through our Removalist Training Academy to learn the best industry standards for packing and handling.

Safe Transport Of Your Belongings

There’s no need to spend your time driving to and from storage facilities. Our storage service includes the careful loading and secure transportation of all your items to the facility to ensure they get there safely, leaving you with more time for the things that matter.

Secure Storage Of Your Belongings

While your items are in storage you can rest assured they are safe thanks to our extensive security measures. This includes prohibiting the public from the storage facility, 24/7 CCTV surveillance and fully sealed storage boxes to protect your belongings.

Returning Your Belongings When Storage Is No Longer Needed

When you’re ready to be reunited with your stored items, we will deliver them right back to your door at your convenience. This service is not only stress-free for you, but through our trucks it is also the safest and most secure mode of transporting your beloved belongings.

Valet Unpacking

Our professional removalists will go the extra mile by happily unpacking your items once they have been returned to you. Skip the heavy lifting and save yourself time by allowing our moving specialists to unpack everything and place it exactly where you need.

Additional Storage Services:


For added protection and peace of mind, we offer transit and storage insurance. Even when all precautions are taken, it can be a comfort to insure yourself against unforeseen events. We provide an array of flexible insurance plans to suit your circumstances. Check out the range of insurance options we have available.

Business Storage

We offer storage services for businesses that can cover any of your commercial needs. Our storage options cater to the whole gamut of businesses, from sole traders to large enterprises. So whether you have some files that need storage, or you need somewhere for your furniture and office equipment while you relocate, we can ensure that your business is taken care of during the process.